Monday, October 4, 2010

Sites of Horror

First up, let's listen to the "children of the night", shall we?

7 Black Notes: The Strange Side of Movie Music is the perfect website for movie music fans of the darker genres. But not only do they cover the history and reviews of classic giallos, thrillers and sci-fi scores, but also some of the classics of the Spaghetti westerns genre. It truly is a treasure trove of information, valuable links and great album artwork. Highly recommended by this music maniac.

Next up...

Dinner with Max Jenke: New Horror Opinions at 80s Prices is a great little blog for the 80s horror fan. "Max" knows his 80s horror/thrillers, but don't let the title fool you, he covers plenty of films from every decade. He's bound to surprise, and perhaps even infuriate you, with his decidedly strong opinions, which he isn't afraid to share with his readers.

And last up for this month, it's only fitting we add a little something for every Horrorhead's favorite holiday of the year...

If you ever need a quick check on how long until your fav day of the year, stop by the trusty Countdown to Halloween blogspot. Trust me, there's a lot more to this place than just giving you a countdown to Halloween. You can also find valuable links to other great horror sites, some great reportage on all things genre related, and out of this world artwork from the-things-that-go-bump-in-the-night sort of folks who do the whole horror world proud. More importantly, if you're a blogger, you can even download a nifty Halloween countdown counter of your own from their site.

Well, that's all for October 2010's Sites of Horror, and we wish you the very scariest, safest and Horrorheadiest (yes, it's a word...for us anyway) of Halloweens, folks. Thanks for reading our project of horror love.

--Nickolas Cook
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