Monday, October 4, 2010

Coming Soon! Trailer e-issue #17 November 2010

Join us next month for the our November 2010 issue.
--We'll feature our recent contest winning Top 13 Lost Gems of Horror list, an amazing list of surprising films.
--We'll also have tons more film reviews from our regular group of Black Glove staffers.
--Come check out our Fresh Blood for what's new in book and film news.
--Lisa Morton will be back with another THE EAST IS RED installment.
--Brian M. Sammons will return with his Hidden Horrors, Graphic Horrors and his all new and improved Hi-Def Horror Hoedown!
--Jason Shayer will give us more comic and graphic novel news and reviews.
--MyMiserys will ask another chosen one her 13 Questions...who will it be?
--There'll be another Foreign Fears review from Steven M. Duarte.
--More Stabbed in Stanzas with Karen Newman.
--Another Movies Worth Googling with Jenny Orosel, which means more strange and weird films that might have slipped under the horror radar.
--And Bill Lindblad will give us more forgotten gems in his always entertaining, educational TIME CAPSULES column.
--So be sure to check back November 18th for more book, film, game and comic reviews and news.

--Nickolas Cook