Monday, October 4, 2010

The Black Glove's Top 13 Lost Gems of Horror Films Winner Is...

Mr. Bill Breedlove!

That's right, Mr. Breedlove chose 13 of the best of the 'lost' gems of horror films. He was up against some really tough competition, let me tell you. I didn't envy the poor volunteer who had to dig through each of the entries and make that final fateful decision. But after seeing Bill Breedlove's Top 13 list, I have to agree, we got a winner of a list!

Bill is the proud winner of a swag prize package worth approximately $200.00, containing brand spanking new horror books from such publishers as Leisure, Dark Regions and others, a collection of valuable, collectible out-of-print small press horror titles, some really cool horror DVDs, and a $25.00 gift certificate to an online horror bookstore.

Now, you guys will have to some back for the November issue (#17) of The Black Glove to see his awesome list.

Until then, our huge congrats to Mr. Breedlove, and our sincerest thanks to all those dozens who entered the contest. Stay tuned to future issues for more contests and chances to win more fabulous prizes.

--Nickolas Cook