Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Sites of Horror

Once again it's time to reveal our Sites of Horror, places on the internet we think our readers might enjoy perusing.

First off, we have 80s Horror Movies Blog, a site devoted to the great old horror films of the 80s. The unnamed webmaster knows his/her stuff! Even the not-so great horror flicks of the best days of modern horror get the special treatment. Just check out the review such cutie monster classics as The Ghoulies, Critters and Hobgoblins receive.

Next up, Planet of Terror, a blogsite of enormous proportions. Webmaster Cortez the Killer holds nothing back when reviewing new and classic horror. He also includes interviews and reviews of small indie productions that might have slipped under the radar.

And last, we have blogsite No More Room In Hell, a site chock full of horror reviews for horror flicks of a mostly modern bent. Not that I'm much of fan of anything beyond 1989 or so, but this site certainly has some intriguing takes on modern films. There's even a section entitled 'Another Bad Rob Zombie Film', so it can't be all bad.