Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Foreign Fears: Kansen (Infection) 2004

This month’s recommended Foreign Fears Feature jumps back to Asia with the J-Horror title Infection. It’s hard to believe that the director of this film was also responsible for the shitty American remake of shutter. Before he was making bad remakes he was creating dark creepy atmospheric films such as Infection. The film follows various doctors who are dealing with a budget crisis. They cannot afford to buy supplies and even turn away those in need of immediate medical attention. One day an ambulance shows up with a person who is displaying signs of a contagious infection. The doctors turn away the patient and ambulance workers only to find that the patient has been left in their care. Infection really feels like a silent hill video game with a J-Horror twist. The film has a twist ending that can be figured out if you pay attention to the details.

--Steven M. Duarte