Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Coming Soon! September 4th, 2009- E-issue # 3

Coming Soon! in E-issue #3 September 4th 2009
--Stabbed in Stanzas will feature a review of one our favorite poets, Bruce

Boston, and his new release, DOUBLE VISIONS.
--Bloody Pages will include several reviews for titles such as Bill HUssey's THE ABSENCE and Stephen King's CELL and tons more. Also find out why we think J.G. Ballard's THE DROWNED WORLD is a classic read that belongs in every horror reader's library.
--We'll have interviews with Simon Bestwick, John Llewelyn Probert and Simon Kurt Unsworth and more.
--MyMiserys will corner RObert Dunbar with her terrifying "13 Questions"!
--Celluloid Horror will have more classic horror on DVD and new release news,

including Steve Duarte's take on the the HD version of 'DAY OF THE DEAD' and our foreign movie of the month, 'MARTYRS'.
--Dark Suites will feature another surprise musician and more album reviews- both classic and new.
--Come by and check out our new section MY FAVORITE STORY, where we choose our favorite short stories and why.
--September's The Top 13 will be all about movies adapted from Stephen King's works- see which ones made our list.
--Stop in and see what we have lurking in Building 13.
--And, as usual, more horror culture and entertainment news, articles and columns.

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