Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Sites of Horror

After twenty years, The Gila Queen Guide To Markets (aka Kathy Ptacek) is still going strong, providing one of the most valuable of all services to her subscribers- open markets contact info and details for both professional writers and those just breaking into the game. Once a month, she sends out a thorough listing that covers the genre markets and beyond. And at a $1.00 an issue, that is a bargain for any working (or hopeful) writer. The Gila Queen’s Guide To Markets also has ad space at very reasonable prices. For more information about how to subscribe or place an ad, please email

Another great site we ran across this month was Horror Express.com a message board devoted to the best in ‘horror movie news, reviews and talk’. We fell in love with their awesome zombie fetish banner right away and found plenty of people on board who shared our geek love for all things horror. Check them out, register and become part of a great little internet family.