Saturday, July 25, 2009

What's in our August 4th E-issue #2?

--We've got an exclusive interview with award winning horror writer, poet, editor, Christopher Conlon.

--Tons of great book reviews, including Robert Dunbar's MARTYRS AND MONSTERS, Ryan C. Thomas' reissue of THE SUMMER I DIED, and a couple of classics of the genre, Stephen Gregory's THE CORMORANT and Peter Straub's GHOST STORY. Also, our novel-of-the-month is Cormac McCarthy's BLOOD MERIDIAN. Come find out why every horror fan needs this in their TBR pile. Plus, many more.

--We've got more interviews with James Moore, Gary Fry, William Miekle and Alysson Byrd

--And if you're into gore, this month's DVD reviews are just what you need, with TOKYO GORE POLICE, DAWN OF THE DEAD, RESIDENT EVIL: DEGENERATION. Plus, DEAFULA and ZOMBIE 3,4, and 5 get The Black Glove treatment

--For the music maniacs Steven Duarte has a concert review for the MARILYN MANSON and SLAYER tour. Plus, we've got several album reviews lined up, including GOATWHORE's new one. And come see who we picked as our feature artist of the month.

--Ever heard the terrifying sound of THE BLOOP? Stop in and give it a listen.

--Find out what lurks in this month's SITES OF HORROR

--And we've got more zombies for you in our TOP 13: Shoot 'Em the Head

--And tons more articles and horror news coming your way in the August 4th, e-issue #2 of The Black Glove

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