Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Sites of Horror

Welcome to our April 2012 edition of Sites of Horror, our monthly excavation of the sites we think Horrorheads should check out.

This month's first site is LOVE TRAIN FOR THE TENEBROUS EMPIRE , a place where you can find all things gothic and horrific. Tenebrous Kate has compiled tons of essays, articles and reviews, with plenty of pics to go with them. Her tastes, like most Horrorheads, ranges from the serious to the comic in our world of darkness. So if you're looking for a site to browse through for a couple of hours, stop by. (NOTE: Looks like the mod has placed the site on an indefinite hiatus, but it's still worthwhile to spend some time perusing its past posts.)

Our second site is TOXIC GRAVEYARD where you could spend hours, maybe even days, clicking your way through film, music and book reviews, along with some other special articles of interest to horror fans. The mod has a keen eye for the off-the-beaten-path items in the industry, which will entertain and broaden your eye for horror in every walk of life. There's even a section called Splattergasm, in which the mod posts trailers and scenes from films that meet the Splattergasm criteria, which seems to be all about the extreme gore. A must visit to appreciate site.

And our last site this month is a message board which we think will be of interest to all fans of horror. CINEMADROME FORUMS has a board for just about any area of horror cinema you can think of. I mean, any message board that has a separate board specifically for one of the greatest directors to ever come out of the Roger Corman school of filmmaking with AIP, Monte Hellman--the man who directed possibly the greatest car-fetish movie ever made, "Two-Lane Blacktop". But I digress...we were talking about horror, right? Anyway, check out this board; stop by and post on your favorite subjects along with other fans from around the world. Stop by next month for more Sites of Horror. (If you have a site you'd like The Black Glove to feature in our Sites of Horror, email with your link and contact info.)

--Nickolas Cook