Saturday, February 4, 2012

Sites of Horror

Welcome to another installment of "Sites of Horror", a section of our free monthly magazine that's devoted to giving all of our fellow Horrorheads a heads up on the cool sites on the worldwideweb.

First up, we want to draw readers' attention to a young lady and her awesome dark website, WISCONSIN SICKNESS. It's a primo site for all things dark and horrific in the state of Wisconsin. I found the site to be informative, colorful (in a dark, Goth sort of way) and literate as hell. But the reason I want to draw attention to this site is because the young lady who is webmaster for the site was recently in the news (see complete story here). She was asked to resign from her Girl Scouts duty as a "Den Mother" because of the site. It seems some of the "moral majority" assholes decided that they didn't want their little cookies in the presence of someone so obviously "Satanic" and "scary". The problem with their assumption is that the site is completely devoted to the bad and ugly truths that have taken place in their own state. Seems silly to give someone such a hassle for nothing more than creating a website devoted to the things they love and have a passion for. So, as you're clicking away on the internet this month, stop by her site and give her some Horrorhead lovin' because this is a site that is all about horror--real horrors: serial killers, infamous cryptids and just plain bad things that have happened in the great state of Wisconsin. We need to show support when this sort of thing happens, or else it will be all of use and what we love one day. And maybe sooner than you think.
WARNING: There are a few pics and reviews that probably aren't suitable for children, so please remember that when browsing the site.

And speaking of sites that got our attention this past month, check out HORROR EXTREME, a site that's guaranteed to make you a little light headed with all its glorification of the "red-red-groovy" found in films all around the world. This site is so organized in its efforts to bring you all the juiciest, reddest of the red grue from around the world that it's broken down into sections such as Asian, Indie, British, etc., etc. So if you love to see the grossest examples of filmmaking masterpieces stop by and check it out.
WARNING: The above site does contain images that are not suitable for all ages, so please be aware it isn't for the little Horrorheads out there, okay?

And our last site for this issue is THE BLOODSPRAYER.COM, a review and horror culture site that has some of the best reviews and feature articles I've seen since...well...since I read our own reviews and feature articles. All jokes aside, this is a professional site, filled with great reviews and monthly themes. They have something to fill every Horrorhead's distinguising tastes. If you like extreme horror (and who among us doesn't, right?), they can help you. If you're more of a 'quiet horror' fan, then they can also give you some food for thought on their site. Bottomline: these guys are organized and know their horror. So give them a click and check out the great stuff they have for all of we Horrorheads.

--Nickolas Cook
(If you have a site, or know of a great site, that you'd like us to feature in a future SITES OF HORROR, please send me an email and your url, so I can check it out.)