Saturday, February 4, 2012

Dark Suites Music Reviews: BLACK WIDOW “SACRIFICE” (1970)

Anthony Servante

Black Widow started out as a Blues band, under the name Pesky Gee, but after losing singer Kay Garrett, the band opted for a straight-forward Rock approach, using Satanic lyrics to give the music and concerts a theatrical edge. They re-recorded the Pesky Gee songs into the infamous SACRIFICE (1970) album with members Jim Gannon on lead guitar, Zoot Taylor on keyboards, Kip Trevor on vocals, Bob Bond on bass, Clive Box on drums, and Clive Jones on flute, saxophone, and clarinet.
Their songs celebrated conjuring demons, attending witches’ sabbats, and sacrificing sheep and humans. It was all in good fun.
But because of the ‘black magic’ murders committed by the Charles Manson family, Black Widow’s agency did not want Satanism associated with the band (they performed a mock-sacrifice of a nude woman on stage), their tour of the United States was cancelled, and Black Sabbath was sent in their place after the latter band denounced any Satanic involvement.
However, Black Widow developed a cult following in the UK and Europe, but disagreements between band members about the direction the music should take in their second lp led to the band dropping the black magic angle. After three lps, the new direction had caused too much friction and the group disbanded.

Clive Jones was the primary voice behind wanting to keep the theatrical edge to the band. After Black Widow broke up, Clive Jones with Clive Box started the band, Agony Bag (1976), which continued the ‘black magic’ angle. They introduced costumes to the band and Jones’ outrageous stage performance kept the Rock spirit behind the gimmick alive.

I have collected here the entire ‘Sacrifice’ song tracks together for listening as well as songs from Agony Bag and the title track from Sleeping with Demons (2011), the “reunion” of Black Widow.

Attack of the Demon

In Ancient Days


Come to the Sabbat



Way to Power

Party Time for Demons

Rabies is a Killer

Sleeping with Demons

Clive Jones recently had surgery and we extend our well-wishes to him and his loved ones. He recently posted this on his Facebook page:

“Hello Everyone,
I’ve not long been back home; the operation went well, so I’m told, but then had a few problems that kept me in longer, one being a slight mishap and the other severe backache. I am still in some pain so please bear with me.
Many thanks for all the kind wishes and I can’t wait to get out of these (white) surgical stockings; I did ask for black.”


You can purchase the latest CD Sleeping with Demons by Black Widow here.

--Anthony Servante