Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Horror Playlist: New Loves and Old Loves from a Writer's Mood Music

compiled by Nickolas Cook

It's been awhile since I've put together a Horror Playlist, but I figured it's high time I did, especially since I've been finding new music to fill up my trusty best friend with a dial pad, the iPod. I usually put together huge playlists for my writing, even going so far as to build soundtracks for my books and short stories (which I have posted to YouTube for my readers to have on hand for reading my books) and these songs have been placed on a soundtrack or two for mood music while I write. Some of the songs aren't new to me, and probably won't be new to youn either. But there a few on this playlist which I've only recently come across online or heard on a movie soundtrack. I've come to enjoy them and I hope you will as well. So stick here for a bit and listen to my newest Horror Playlist, and feel the funk, yeah!

"Prospera's Coda"
13. Beth Gibbons and Elliot Goldenthal
from "The Tempest Soundtrack" (2010)

"My Breathing"
12. Gary Numan
from "Strange Charm" (1986)

"In Chains"
11. Depeche Mode
from "Sounds Of The Universe" (2009)

"Release the Kraken"
10. The Daysleepers
from "Drowned In A Sea Of Sound" (2008)

"M4 Part II"
9. Faunts
from "M4" ep (2007)

8. Lo-Fidelity All Stars (featuring Pigeonhed)
from "How To Operate With A Blown Mind" (1998)

"The Pyramid Song"
7. Radiohead
from "Amnesiac" (2001)

6. Fields of the Nephilim
from "Elizium" (1990)

"Like Tears In Rain"
5. Convenant
from "United States Of Mind" (2000)

"Haunted Nights"
4. Duke Ellington
from "Jungle Nights In Harlem: 1927-1932 (1958)

(NOTE: Haunted Nights is the last of the three excellent selections from this classic and historical jazz album)

"Horror Head"
3. Curve
from "Doppelganger" (1992)

"The Grid"
2. Daft Punk (remixed by The Crystal Method)
from "Tron: Legacy R3c0nf1gur3d" (2011)

1. Callisto
from "Providence" (2009)

--Nickolas Cook