Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Sites of Horror

Another year upon us, Horrorheads, and with each new month in 2012 you can look forward to more Sites of Horror with The Black Glove.

Our first site is for anyone who ever wondered where have all the good witches gone...or for that matter, all the evil ones. If you've seen a witch in popular culture medium, then it's sure to have found a home here at SEXY WITCH. I was able to find several great references about movie witches, comic book witches, witches in books and TV, and even references to witches in history and the contemporary world. Lots of pictures and links for even more deep down witchery.
(CONTENT WARNING: There are lots of nude pictures of witches, too, so be aware with younger Horrorheads.)

And for all of us zombie fans, there's yet another great all-zombie site. Check out ZOMBIE HUB...Net of the Living Dead for all your zombie needs. If it's crawling from a moldering grave and looking for braaaaaaiiiiinnnnssss! you're sure to find it here. And if you think they're just kidding around about zombies, click into their zombie survival know...for the inevitable zombie apocalypse, because it's coming. Maybe soon. Who knows?
(CONTENT WARNING: There are some rather grisly pictures from several zombie films, both new and classic, that may be upsetting to those who aren't used to the graphic nature of most undead films.)

And our last site of the new year is one that should appeal to anyone who loves the old exploitation days of world cinema when you could see an Italian giallo flick, filled with blood and boobs, right alongside a nasty as hell Spanish "women-in-prison" flick. You can find all of those things and more over at MCBASTARD'S MAUSOLEUM: The crypt of cult, horror and exploitation cinema. I could have spent lots more time than I have just clicking onto old reviews for movies which I saw when I was a kid at our local drive-in. There's lots of pics, links and other cool stuff for every Horrorhead.

(If you have a site you'd like The Black Glove to feature in our Sites of Horror, email with your link and contact info.)