Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Graphic Horror: Game Reviews

by Brian Sammons

Well, friends, it has been another bad month for horror games, or video games in general. Thankfully the winter doldrums look to be ending soon, so hopefully next month we’ll have a better turnout. However I do have a little something for you here. No, it’s not a review. You see, if a publisher can’t be bothered to send me something to review then I can’t be bothered to review it. Well the makers of the French survival horror game, AMY didn’t bother to send their game to many reviewers. Why would that be? Well when moviemakers do that it’s because they don’t want critics to give their film a bad review, could that be the same reason here?

You bet your ass it is.

Without giving it a full review (see above) I will instead give you a warning; don’t waste your money on AMY. It is a dull, repetitive, nearly mechanically broken game. It is without joy, fun, or an original thought in its ugly looking head. It’s also not scary in the slightest. In all ways this game is a dud, so do yourself big favor and give AMY a big pass.

And sadly, that’s it for this edition of GRAPHIC HORRORS. Until next time, keep the ghoulish games a-going.

--Brian Sammons