Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Horror Playlist: Top 13 Albums of 2011

compiled by The Black Glove staff

Music was at least a much better year for music fans than movies were for horror fans. Especially for fans of harder music. There were new release from many of the old and new metal bands that seem to be on most Horrorheads' playlists. But there were also plenty of new releases from alternative rock bands which have become the best of the 90s alt-rock movement, including a brand new album from one of the best bands to come out of that time which made our list (see list below for details). There were also a few decent hip-hop/rap albums from established artists that may be some of the best to come from them. I could sit here and name off probably thirty or more albums that didn't make the cut for the list, but were just as good, but were beat out by small margins. Instead, I'll advise taking a look for yourself to see what new music hit the shelves in 2011 that would be worth your time to listen to. There were plenty.

But I'd rather get to our best of list for 2011. So below you'll find THE BLACK GLOVE's picks for best music releases for the year 2011. We tried to pick a wider range of music and tried to not just go with simply a list of nothing but heavy metal albums, which would have been easy to do, given the fact there were so many great new releases from the metal bands we all love and listen to most days. So you'll hopefully get a broad range of music, from metal to pop music.

The albums are in alphabetical order by artist's last name or band name, and in no way does the order on the list mean something is better than another. Enjoy the list, listen and watch the video links below, and if you find something new you've just got to have, download it and add it to your own horror playlist.

1. Kate Bush--50 Words for Snow

2. Burial--Street Halo ep

3. Bush--The Sea of Memories

4. Children of Bodom--Relentless Reckless Forever

5. Covenant--Modern Ruin

6. Crowbar--Sever the Wicked Hand

7. Foo Fighters--Wasted Light

8. KORN--The Path of Totality

9. Mastodon--The Hunter

10. Stevie Nicks-- In Your Dreams

11. Gary Numan--Dead Son Rising

12. Radiohead--The King of Limbs

13. Skinny Puppy--HanDover

--Nickolas Cook