Friday, April 29, 2011

Foreign Fears: RoboGeisha (2009)

RoboGeisha (2009)
Reviewed by Steven M. Duarte

Not to be confused with Robocop (1987), Robogeisha is one of those kooky Japanese flicks that will leave you wondering what the fuck you just watched. Geisha’s heads pop open to reveal circular saws and they shoot out katanas from their mouths. O did I mention they also shoot out katanas and shurikens from their asses as well? Yeah pretty random over the top shit that will leave you wanting to see what’s next? Not surprisingly the director of Robgeisha is the same that brought us Machine Girl. I would have to say this really takes the wackiness of Machine Girl and doubles the fun. Where Machine Girl took itself somewhat serious this film is really just a roller coaster ride of randomness.
Large robots appear which and blood is spilt by the gallons. While not a traditional horror film Robogeisha ranks up there with Machine Girl, Tokyo Gore Police and Meatball Machine for over the top storylines, gore, hot women and characters that you will only find in Asian cinema. My only gripe with the film is I would have preferred the original Japanese language track versus the dubbed English version I viewed. A good film to sit down and relax to and not worry about understanding the story as you can pretty much jump into any scene to have an enjoyable time.

--Steven M. Duarte