Friday, April 29, 2011

Coming Soon! Trailer e-issue #23 May 2011

--The Black Glove will continue to provide the best in free monthly horror culture and entertainment for all the Horrorhead diehards around the globe.
--We'll have more great horror news, reviews and articles.
--There'll be more new music, new game reviews, new books reviews, and so much more.
--Lisa Morton will have another THE EAST IS RED.
--There'll be more great reviews from Brian M. Sammons and Steven M. Duarte.
--More Movies Worth Googling from Jenny Orosel.
--More classics from Bill Lindblad.
--More from the comic book world from Jason Shayer.
--Bill Breedlove will have another column filled with great horror cinema analysis.
--And The Black Glove's newest staff member, Nick Cato, will have more classic horror reviews.
--And as always, we'll have a new Top 13 list. What will it be next month? Stop by and find out
--And as always, we're looking for Horrorheads who love the genre with a passion. If you'd like to write for The Black Glove Magazine, please send your resume and bio to We can't pay, but we will give you space to talk about the things you love in horror.