Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sites of Horror

Welcome to another month of The Black Glove's Sites of Horror. This month we're throwing some internet love towards some of what we consider the best of the online horror review websites. There seems to be thousands of them these days, which speaks to the level of passion we Horrorheads have for the thing we love best in the world. So we hope you'll check out these websites for some of that horror love...

First up, we have Bad Movie Planet,a site devoted to the best of the worst in horror and sci-fi from classic to modern speculative cinema. Check out this huge index of some of the cheesy classics that might have slipped under your personal radar. It will take you hours to scour the plentitude of films this site has to offer the modern Horrorhead.

Next up, we have GIALLO FEVER, a website for the Giallo fans,a fittingly yellow website. If you've ever wondered what happened to some of the more obscure Giallo films from the 60s to modern day, check this site out for some great reviews and pics of such films as The Whip and the Body (1963) and many a more obscure Giallo cinema.
Their motto is "Taking 'eurotrash' seriously – but not too seriously", which any Giallo fan can understand. Because there have been some pretty crazy Giallos to hit the big screen over the years (some of which the Godfather of Giallos is responsible for, Dario Argento).

And next, speaking of Giallos, we'd like to highlight one of our favorite bands of all time, GOBLIN. They're responsible for some of the greatest horror soundtracks in the genre. They've worked with Dario Argento and George Romero, among others, in the horror film world, and they deservedly rank at the top of prog-rock horror soundtrack musicians. In recent years, some of the original members have come together again to play live shows across Europe. If you haven't checked these guys out, do yourself a favor and dive into their decades of music and immerse yourself in their creepy dark world.

And last, a site that we've actually spoken to before, but because it's so awesome, we felt the need to remind Horrorheads, both new and old, about its merits. If you love the whole late 70s and 80s decade of slasher films, then RETRO SLASHERS is the place for you to hang out. They cover everything from the most famous of slasher filsm such as FRIDAY THE 13TH (1980) to some fairly obscure slasher fare that not everyone is aware of, such as 1980's MOTHER'S DAY. So if you think you've seen them all, check out this site for some titles you might have missed. You'll find not only reviews, but some great little exclusives, like backgrounds to download and so much more.

--Nickolas Cook