Thursday, November 4, 2010

Sites of Horror

Hello, Horrorheads, and welcome to another Sites of Horror entry. This month we have three more sites we think horror fans the world round will enjoy. So give them a click and take a gander.

First up, we have a really superior horror website for Horrorheads and casual fans alike. Horror-101 has a little of everything for everyone: interviews with up and coming horror personalities, reviews and special trailers and previews.

Next up, Code Red DVD has been one of the better of the small DVD production companies. Over the past few years, they've released some great lesser-known horror and giallo titles, such as MADMAN, RITUALS, MESSIAH OF EVIL and many others. Unfortunately, the internet seems to be awash with the news that Code Red DVD is calling it quits in 2011. This Horrorhead hopes this isn't true, but I know it's a tough world out there in the marketplace these days, and trying to keep a multimillion dollar DVD company running on a daily basis can't be easy. Check out their blog and see what they have coming down the line for we horror fans.

And last up this month, a perfect place for Horrorheads to find some lost treasures from the old VHS video box art days, Crap Video Artwork, a site self described as "A tribute to some of the biggest crimes against art commited to video sleeves of years gone by.", digs into the dark memory of we horror nuts who used to peruse the video shelves for the worst of the worst horror movie box art in an effort to find something we hadn't seen before. The above art work for DON'T OPEN THE WINDOW, the USA cut and re-titled box art for Jorge Grau's classic zombie flick, LET SLEEPING CORPSES LIE, is a perfect example of the sort of beautiful cheese they offer. So click and drool with delight, folks. There are hundreds of those great old cheesy VHS boxes scanned online for your enjoyment.

--Nickolas Cook