Thursday, November 4, 2010

Coming Soon! Trailer e-issue #18 December 2010

--As we come to the close of another year, and another Christmas looms upon us, look for more great Xmas ideas and a wrap up of the year in horror. But also come check out our usual columns and reviews, including...
--Stabbed in Stanzas will feature more poetry related reviews, interviews and industry updates.
--Bloody Pages will include more book reviews from the world of horror fiction.
--MyMiserys will corner another favorite horror author for her dreaded 13 Questions.
--Celluloid Horror will have more classic and new release horror reviews on DVD and in the theaters.
--Dark Suites will feature more great music reviews.
--Another Black Glove Top 13. What will it be? Come by and see.
--More Hidden Horrors and Graphic Horrors from Brian Sammons.
--Lisa Morton will hit us with another installment of her THE EAST IS RED column.
--Jen Oresol will give us another great installment of Movies Worth Googling.
--Bill Lindblad will have more classic book reviews.
--And, as usual, more horror culture and entertainment news, articles and columns.

(If you're interested in writing for The Black Glove, please email and place 'writing position' in the subject line. If you have horror news you'd like us to post, send items to same address as above.)