Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Horror Playlist: Carey Copeland

list compiled staff writer Carey Copeland

This is my playlist that I listen to when I draw or sculpt or even while I'm just sitting in the dark with my eyes closed. It’s a cornucopia of varied musical genres. Hope you like it.

1. Blind Faith--Can’t Find My Way Back Home

This song reminds me of the good old days. Back when Eric Clapton had just left Cream, he and Ginger Baker came up with another “super band.” They discovered and teenage boy named Stevie Winwood and the rest is history. This song makes you think. You can understand the words and actually get into the song. Steve’s vocals aren’t the best but they really work with the song. In the 80’s, a band named House of Lords remade the song and they stayed true to the song with a little of their own flair. If you get the chance to hear both songs, compare them and I guarantee you’ll like them both.

2. Disturbed--Forsaken

What more can I say….It’s Disturbed! This song to me makes me think of being in downtown Orlando at night walking around with my girlfriend (at the time), and her girlfriend looking for trouble. My girlfriend’s girlfriend. Hehe R.I.P. Peter Steele.

3. Disturbed--This Moment

I think this is another song that makes me appreciate Disturbed.

4. David Bowie and Trent Reznor--I’m Afraid of Americans

This is a match-up that nobody would expect, but if you think about it, David did team up with several other groups and they worked. To me the whole album is perfect. David has a voice that isn’t the greatest but he pulls it off quite well. Trent is a genius. He creates art and translates it into music. If I could pick only one song off this album or any NIN albums, I would throw my pick away because I can’t pick “only” one. It’s like a Lay’s potato chip.

5. Talk Talk--Life’s What You Make It

This song makes me think of falling. It seems blissful. You lie back on the bed and set your sound system to the perfect setting and just close your eyes. It flows and you become the music.

6. The Smiths--How Soon Is Now?

Let me just say,” SOHO screwed up!” For those that don’t remember SOHO or even know what a SOHO is, they were a duo of nurses that decided to make a song named “hippie chick.” They sampled this song without permission and were sued. The Smiths were a perfect band with Morrissey. He reminds me of Frank Sinatra. His voice is perfect. This song is actually a funny song because a band called “Love Spit Love” remade the song for a movie named “The Craft.” A TV show named “Charmed” used the LSL version for their theme song but I could never figure out why. “I am the son and the heir.” I guess if you’re a witch and you don’t know the song you would think they were singing, “I am the sun and the air.” What about the Earth and the water and the fire?

7. Don Felder--Heavy Metal (Takin' A Ride)

Come on, it’s the dude from the Eagles. What’s not to like? Oh, it’s also from a kick ass movie that we had to sneak around to see when it came out. There was no way in hell my mom would let me watch this because of the cartoon nudity. Sorry mom, I used to get up early morning and watch Skinamax when everybody was asleep.

8. T.I.--What You Know

I don’t care for rap but this song is musical crack. The music bed is awesome. This song makes you want to move. I find myself humming this song. How the hell do you hum a rap song? You listen to this.

9. Alice In Chains--I Stay Away

Alice In Chains is a musical crack band. I don’t think I’ve heard one song from them that I don’t like. Jerry Cantrell and Layne Staley had a magic with their harmonies. Although never officially disbanding, Alice in Chains was plagued by extended inactivity due to substance abuse, culminating in the death of Layne Staley in 2002. Alice in Chains reunited in 2005 with new lead vocalist William DuVall and released “Black give way to Blue,” their first studio album in 14 years.

10. Rammstein--Du Hast

If you don’t want a speeding ticket, don’t listen to this when you drive. I was living in Orlando when this came out and I was going down OBT (Orange Blossom Trail). Needless to say this came on and before I knew it, I was doing 90 in a 35. I immediately thought to myself, ”HOLY SHIT!!! Self, I’m going to jail!!” but fortunately I wasn’t clocked and I realized that I was low flying before I got caught. Just remember boys and girls, 45 in a 35 will get you a ticket. 90 in a 35 will get you a very slow ride to jail. Listen to this at home.
Oh, I was looking on Wiki and this is what I found about the song. There are two versions of the song: the original song, which is completely in German, and a partial translation to English. In the second version, the first chorus and the verses are in English and the last chorus is in German. The lyrics to the English version are not a direct translation due to the use of a homonym between the German verbs to have, haben, and to hate, hassen, in the original song. The verbs haben and hassen sound exactly the same when conjugated for 'you' (hast and hasst). Due to an inability to retain the homophone while translating, the English version was changed from 'Du hast,' meaning 'you have,' to 'Du hasst,' meaning 'you hate.'
The whole song is a play on German wedding vows.
The refrain ("Willst du bis der Tod euch scheidet, treu ihr sein für alle Tage?") translates to "Do you [singular] want, until Death separates you [plural], to be faithful to her forever?" Instead of answering with 'ja' ('yes'), the singer says 'nein' ('no'), finally breaking his silence earlier in the song: "Du hast mich gefragt, und ich hab' nichts gesagt." This is in present perfect and literally means "You have asked me, and I have said nothing," but is usually translated to past tense, "You asked me, and I said nothing."
One time in the song, the refrain is sung with different words ("Willst du bis zum Tod, der scheide, sie lieben auch in schlechten Tagen?"). This translates as "Do you [singular] want, until death, which would separate, to love her even in bad days?". Again, the singer responds with "Nein!". I did not know this and now you know. Knowing is half the battle! Yo Joe!!

--Carey Copeland
(The Black Glove thanks our staff writer for his time and efforts in compiling this list.)