Sunday, July 4, 2010

The Black Glove's Top 13 Lost Gems of Horror Contest

Hello, all you loyal Horrorheads out there.
Here at The Black Glove we love putting together our monthly Top 13 lists. It gives us a chance to stumble through the dark vaults of horror history, cull through the cobwebbed tombs and eerie byways, and swim through inky oceans of lost memory to find movies that we think deserve remembering.
Last month, if you'll remember, we put together our first in a series of Top 13 Lost Gems of Horror lists. We all had such fun that we intend to throw those in there from time to time; if for no other reason than to help our fellow horror geeks find some obscure titles to add to their personal collection.
But we figured why should we have all the fun of putting these great lists together?
So the staff thought it would be fun to let our readers put together their own version of a Top 13 Lost Gems of Horror list.
Yes, that's right, we want YOU to send us your Top 13 Lost Gems of Horror, a list comprised of movies that you feel have been unfairly forgotten by most horror fans.

The contest is simple:
--Make a list of 13 Lost Gems of Horror, with a brief description of why you feel each of the 13 movies you choose deserve to be on the list (and don't worry about the editing and the artwork; we'll take care of both).

--Send your list to
--Put TOP 13 LOST GEMS OF HORROR in the subject line.
--Please, do NOT send attachments. Put your entire list, with your brief descriptions for each, in the body of the email.
--We need the title of the film, the date of its original release, and if you have a url for info about it, include that with the description.
--Please, include your name in the body of the email, and any alternate email addresses at which you might wish us to contact you if you win the contest.

--The staff will read through all the entries and decide which list has the best and most deserved titles.
--Then we'll publish the winning Top 13 Lost Gems of Horror list, giving you full credit, so all of our Horrorheads around the world know who made such an awesome list.
--What's more, if we choose your list, you'll get a swag prize package worth approximately $200.00, containing brand spanking new horror books from such publishers as Leisure, Dark Regions and others, a collection of valuable, collectible out-of-print small press horror titles, some really cool horror DVDs, and a $25.00 gift certificate to an online horror bookstore.

We want YOU to school your fellow BLACK GLOVE readers, and us, on these forgotten movies; tell us what movies should be brought back to the horror spotlight.
But remember: we're a pretty savvy and knowledgeable group of Horrorheads, so we want you to use your imagination.
Stun us with your incredible horror geek love and knowledge of horror cinema!

--Nickolas Cook