Sunday, April 4, 2010

Sites of Horror

We always love finding super-cool sites online while doing research for upcoming issues of The Black Glove. Below are some sites we think our readers will just eat up! really looks gorgeous. If this were a print magazine, I'd buy it in a heartbeat every month. For the best in classic and modern horror from around the world, these guys do a topnotch job. Lots of great content. It may take a month just to get through it all.

When it comes to horror, it can get a little overly masculine. Maybe even, **gasp!** dare I say...sexist!?
But to counter this genre danger, we have The Final Girl (Stacie Ponder) and her spot on, hilarious movie blog/reviews site, where she gives her legions of fans a uniquely irreverent female perspective on the classics and even the newest in horror. She's pretty well known in the horror blogger world and even has a weekly blog going for cable's popular American Movie Channel. Check her out at The Final Girl

And our last Site of Horror for April is a neat little place to find funny, yet still seriously academic, collections of monsters in popular culture and modern media over at Monster Land.

--Nickolas Cook
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