Sunday, April 4, 2010

Foreign Fears: À l'intérieur (Inside) (2007)

This month’s recommended Foreign Fears Feature is a French film that will leave you with a dirty feeling. Inside is not as shocking as the film Martyrs but will still leave a lasting impression long after the final credits roll. The basic premise of the film involves a pregnant woman who is home alone one night. She begins hearing noises and knocks at the door to which a mysterious woman appears. Turns out this woman wants the unborn child and will do anything it takes to get it. This film is not for the faint of heart as it ranks up there on the gore scale. I also don’t recommend watching if you are currently pregnant as some of the scenes can be very disturbing for those that are expecting. The last couple of years the French have provided some great additions to the horror genre with Frontiers, Martyrs and Inside. The French may take the reigns over the foreign horror market from Japan as they have begun to show that they are not afraid to cover taboo topics nor are they worried about censorship.

--Steven M. Duarte