Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Horror Playlist: The Black Glove co-editor, Steven Duarte

Each month we ask someone to give us their current Top 10 songs on their iPod/MP3 player/PC jukebox, etc., etc. or their Top 10 Albums of All Time. And we generally do so with a small hint of envy. Most of us at The Black Glove love our music almost as much as we love our books. Fact is, some of us might even hold our music selections dearer to our hearts than others. Steve and me happen to also be in a band together, The Shadow Conspiracy. Haven't heard of us? Well, I think you will soon enough.
But back to our Horror Playlist...
Like I said, we generally feel a little envy when someone gets to pick their top whatever, and so this month we thought it would be fun if we let one of our own do it for a change. Steve was the lucky duck this month, but look for each of us to do so in the coming months.
Now without further ado, Steven Duarte’s current top ten playlist

Stylo-Gorillaz: (from the upcoming release Plastic Beach (2010))
This is our first glimpse at a song from the much anticipated new album from the gorillaz. The synth beat and overall 80’s feel to the song is only accentuated by Mos Def and the great Bobby Womack.

Jesus Frankenstein-Rob Zombie: (from Hellbilly Deluxe 2: Noble Jackals, Penny Dreadfuls and the Systematic Dehumanization of Cool (2010))
The intro track to Zombies new album reminds everyone of his signature sound from the Sinister Urge days. Dark heavy melodic guitars wail like banshees by guitar master John 5.
Mars Needs Women-Rob Zombie:
Another great track from the new Zombie album. Zombie is a known B movie horror buff and has dedicated this song to the 1968 film of the same name.

Private Hell-Alice in Chains: (from Black Gives Way to Blue (2009))
A classic album even without the late great Layne Staley. New vocalist William Duval has an excellent voice that really shines on this track.

The Foreboding Sense of Impending Happiness-HIM: (from Screamworks: Love in Theory and Practice, Chapters 1-13 (2009–present) (2010))
Another 80’s throwback sounding track that includes heavy synths. An overall beautiful sounding song with great production and keyboard work.

Oblivion-Mastodon: (from Crack the Skye (2009))
Mastodon is a greatly underrated band that definitely deserves their due. From their complicated progressions to their change in tempo’s Mastodon songs are very well put together. Oblivion from the Crack the Skye album really sets the stage for the concept style they were going for.

Ich Tu Dir Weh-Rammstein: (from Liebe ist für alle da (2009))
One of my favorite tracks from their new album, Rammstein delivers the hard pounding drum and guitar sounds they are famous for. I still don’t know what the fuck their saying but it doesn’t really matter if it sounds good.

Heads Will Roll-Yeah Yeah Yeah's: (from It's Blitz! (2009))
I have always liked Yeah Yeah Yeah’s since I first heard Gold Lion. I know they had been around long before that single came out but that was my first introduction to the band. Heads will roll has a catchy pop sound to it while not sounding too commercial.

Passenger-Deftones: (from White Pony (2000))
A favorite of mine that almost always ends up in my current top ten songs, Passenger is just an awesome song. I could write paragraphs about how awesome it is. Two of the greatest metal vocalists of all time, Chino Moreno of Deftones and Maynard of Tool came together to collaborate on one of the greatest metal duets of all time.

Bloodlines-Dethklok: (from Dethalbum II (2009))
Yeah I know there really not a band per say buy the guy behind Dethklok is definitely a metal head. This headbanging track makes you want to hurt people just as every episode in the Metalocalypse usually ends in some random bystander getting killed or mangled.

--Steven Duarte