Thursday, March 4, 2010

13 Questions with MyMiserys: Deborah LeBlanc

interview conducted by MyMiserys (aka Kimberly Cook)

1. How old were you when you wrote what you consider your first story?
I wrote my first story in second grade. It was about a mermaid who grew legs.

2. What inspired you to write it?
My initial love for storytelling came from my grandmother, who, in my opinion, was the best tale-spinner on the planet. I remember sitting at the foot of her rocker, utterly spellbound as she told story after story, all of them fact, not fiction mind you, of supernatural events that some uncle, aunt, or cousin had encountered ‘back in the day.’ Being Cajun, it was only natural that her entire body played a part in the telling of the tale. Her hand gestures were emphatic, her eyes widening or narrowing for effect, her entire body tensing and leaning forward as she reached the spookiest part of the tale. I remember wishing I could be just like her.

Second to the love of my grandmother’s stories was my fascination with words and their meaning. Even as a kid, I thought it was important to use the perfect words when conveying anything of importance, especially emotions. Little did I know that those two loves would steer me towards writer-dom.

3. What was the first book you wrote?
My first book was FAMILY INHERITANCE.

4. Of all the books you've written, which is your favorite?
Hmm . . . In truth, I enjoyed writing all of them. I guess if I had to pick only one, though, it would probably be A HOUSE DIVIDED. The ending took even me by surprise!

5. Which book would you like to forget you wrote?
Morbid Curiosity. Initially the main characters in the story were fourteen-year-old twin girls. At the last minute, my editor decided they be sixteen-year-olds. Well, I’d raised three daughters and knew beyond question that the ‘voice’ of a fourteen year old was very different than that of a sixteen year old. The editor insisted, however, leaving me no choice. What appeared to be only a small age change to him involved a complete rewrite of the story. Even worse, I had only two weeks to rewrite it. Argg!

6. Who is the most influential person in your life?
My dad, who, unfortunately, passed away in July 2009.

7. Who is your favorite author?
I have so many! I enjoy James Lee Burke, Jodi Picoult, Tom Robbins, Sandra Brown, Ernest Gaines, to name just a handful.

8. If you could only own one book, what would it be?
If I lived in a world where I could only own one book, I’d have to book the next flight to another planet. There’s no way I can pick only one!

9. When and where do you write?
I write everyday and anywhere I can. My apartment, my office, hotel rooms. I even record chapters on a digital recorder while I’m driving.

10. Do you have a "day job"?
Yes. I own a fuel inventory management company. Fortunately, I have a great group of people who work with me and handle the day to day operations, leaving me plenty of time and freedom to write.

11. Do you have a "dream job"?
My dream job is to never need a JOB again!

12. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?
Right where I am, in the heart of Cajun country. I’m Cajun by birth. My entire life has been steeped in rich traditions and in a culture I wouldn’t trade for the world.

13. What is your guilty pleasure?
Occasionally I’ll pick one day out of a month to sleep late, stay in PJs all day, eat junk food until I’m ready to puke and watch old movies on television.

Visit Deborah Leblanc's Official Website for more news about the author.

Several years ago Deborah created Literacy, Inc.- an organization devoted to fighting illiteracy. Visit to see what good work she's doing to help combat this, still, frightfully real problem in the U.S.

Deborah is also one of the many publishing industry's professionals who take part in the annual Pen To Press Retreat , an intense five-day writer's retreat where you can get real world advice from people who make their living by the written word. If you're interested, stop by their site and get more information.

(The Black Glove would like to thank Deborah for her time and efforts.)