Thursday, February 4, 2010

An interview with Uwe Boll

interview conducted by Brian M. Sammons

Brian Sammons: You have made many video games into movies, why video games? What about them appeals to you?
Uwe Boll: I got HOUSE OF THE DEAD by accident and it was a hit. So I kept going with it.

BS: Are you yourself a gamer? If so, what are some of your favorite games? If not, whom do you know suggests game titles to you?
UB: I play games ..but not a lot. I like GOLF ..but also HITMAN, WARCRAFT, CALL OF DUTY

BS: Alone in the Dark 2; does this sequel follow the games in any way or have you decided to have its story veer off in its own, new direction? What can you tell us about the story of this one?
UB: The part 5 of the game is based in NY in the Central Park...and this is where our story is based on...

BS: You directed the first Alone in the Dark but not this new sequel, why did you choose to do that? Is it hard to give control of a sequel to a movie that you made to someone else?
UB: We had to do the sequel almost parallel to BLOODRAYNE 2 and so I gave my friends RÖSCH/SCHEERER a shot ... And I produced it so I was always there as a ghost....

BS: What about the sequel’s two new directors, Michael Roesch & Peter Scheerer, did you like enough to trust them to head up this movie? What is it like working and dealing with two directors as opposed to one?
UB: I liked both as writers before (ALONE IN THE DARK and FAR CRY) and I liked their movie BROTHERHOOD OF BLOOD ...where they really got a lot out of a small budget. And they are both friends of mine I can trust.

BS: What actors have you really enjoyed working with in the past and would like to work with again in the future? Are there any actors whom you have yet to work with but would really like to?
UB: I never had huge problems with any actors I worked with. I loved working with SLATER, LOKEN, STATHAM, PERLMAN, PARE ...

BS: Can you tell us about any of your upcoming movie projects? What’s next for Uwe Boll?
UB: I was very productive and soon my FINAL STORM and RAMPAGE will come out on DVD in USA and my DARFUR will get a theatrical release. Also STOIC will get out by VIVENDI ....a lot of people think it’s my best movie.

BS: Of the many movies you’ve made, which are your favorites and why?
UB: was fun do it and it’s still fun to watch it....and RAMPAGE, STOIC, DARFUR are my best movies I made ...

BS: What would be your dream project? Why?
UB: WARCRAFT...but Sam Raimi is doing it.... It would be massive and violent and I love movies like my IN THE NAME OF THE KING

BS: Can you give us a simplified step-by-step of the screenplay to screen process?
UB: 1 year - screenplay, 4 month preproduction (finding locations, crew, cast etc.), 6 weeks shooting, 6 month post-production (cutting, music etc.), 6 month press, festival till release

BS: In your opinion, where along the process does the film stand the most chance of losing its way and its connection with its hoped for audience?
UB: prep, shoot and editing are all important ...where you can completely lose the quality of a movie. I LOVE shooting .....I know that a lot of directors love editing ---I don’t

BS: You often seem to be the press’ favorite whipping boy, how do you deal with the negative criticism?
UB: I knock them out.

BS: What keeps you moving forward and making films?
UB: I always wanted to make only death will stop me

(The Black Glove wants to thank Uwe Boll for his time and efforts)
--Brian M. Sammons