Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Coming Soon! Trailer e-issue #6 December 4th 2009

Coming Soon! in E-issue #6 December 4th 2009

--Stabbed in Stanzas will feature an interview with one our favorite writers D. Harlan Wilson and a review for his new release Peckinpah: An Ultraviolent Romance.

--Bloody Pages will include several reviews for titles such as Scott Nicholson's 'Scattered Ashes' collection, 'Shades of Blood and Shadow' by Angeline Hawkes, 'Mighty Unclean', an anthology starring some of the best of the best in horror small press, 'The Estuary' by Derek Gunn, and much more.

--Celluloid Horror will have more classic horror on DVD and new release news, including Steve Duarte's take on the the HD version of 'THE LOST BOYS' and our Foreign Fear of the month, 'Let The Right One In', a creepy little vampire tale. Also look for 'Night of the Creeps', which finally got a DVD release!

--Dark Suites will feature another surprise musician and more album reviews- both classic and new.

--Come by and check out Dario Del Toro's insane horror travelogue and rant.

--If you like games, we have a review of 'Left For Dead 2' and much more in our Graphics Horror section.

--December's Top 13 will be Haunted Houses- see if your favs made our list.
--Stop in and see what we have lurking in Building 13.

--And, as usual, more horror culture and entertainment news, articles and columns.

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