Sunday, October 4, 2009

What Lurks In Building 13? The Shadow People

Since the invention of the camera, the existence of paranormal entities called ‘shadow people’ has been in question. Over the decades, several photos have been put forth by a variety of paranormal researchers and laymen that were mostly laughed out of the scientific community amidst cries of ‘fake’. But since the techno-leap forward into the video age the evidence seems to be mounting that there may be such things as ‘shadow people’.
‘Shadow people’ are black, seemingly transparent, humanoid shaped beings that can apparently phase in and out of our reality. Sometimes they appear as blurry half seen shadows that block the ambient light behind them. Other times they appear as incredibly (even supernaturally) fast dark patches that whisk in and out of our world like a dream.
With the popularity of such paranormal reality television shows as ‘Ghost Hunters’, ‘Most Haunted’, and ‘Ghost Adventures’ there are more frequent, and hard to ignore, documented cases of these ‘shadow people’. It makes one wonder if perhaps something supernatural is going on, something we are only now beginning to comprehend.
Detractors say these shadowy humanoids are only freak anomalies created by ambient light play off camera; some have even claimed the shadows are simply insects, camera malfunctions, condensation, mist, or dust that only seem to look like something vaguely human. And any or all of these claims may be true—maybe even in most cases. But there are some visual recordings of these so-called ‘shadow people’ that are hard to debunk. In the best of these recordings, the beings are clearly visible as human in shape, moving before the camera, or to the side of direct shots, real enough to send chills down one’s spine when they simply vanish in thin air.
‘Shadow people’ seem to come in three main varieties.
The first is a humanoid bipedal shape, sometimes moving, other times stationary.
The other, a rarer sort, is the hat wearing human shape, obviously male in size and stature, who seems to be observing the living.
The third variety reported has been ‘shadow animals’ or ‘phantom animals’. They are usually reported as large black dogs, and are thought to be connected to a strong revenant presence or place, guardians of a locale or thing. Some even claimed they are familiars to evil beings who still haunt some locale. Unlike ‘shadow people’, ‘phantom dogs’ are belligerent and have been known to chase people. Their ghostly growls have been recorded in EVPs, as well.
Below are some curious ‘shadow people’ videos found on Youtube, posted by various paranormal organizations and laymen, which show weird shadows that may not have a natural explanation. The Black Glove does purport that these videos are proof of the existence of ‘shadow people’ (and some of them are sketchy at best), but we offer them to you, our reader, so you can make up your own mind.
Just remember: the next time you feel like someone is watching you from the darkest corner of a dimly lighted room, perhaps some shadowy face that peers from around the bookcase at you, think about the centuries of stories about these ‘shadow people’. Even if less than 1% of them are true, that’s enough to make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up.


--Nickolas Cook