Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Horror Playlist: David T. Wilbanks

Ten albums, he says! Okay, here we go. I love the Beatles just like I love pizza and ice cream. Nom nom nom. And, oh, if I’m forced to pick just one album, let it be (get it?) RUBBER SOUL. Everyone picks Revolver so I’m attempting to be a little different here. It wasn’t long after my sticky infatuation with the fab four that I began playing a nerdy role-playing game called Dungeons and Dragons. At these weekly sessions, for a long time, the only thing on the turntable was Devo’s Q:ARE WE NOT MEN,
so I guess I’m pretty much programmed to like that one. And then I became new wave boy and added Elvis Costello’s MY AIM IS TRUE to the collection. It never used to be my favorite, but it is nowadays. Where does one go from there if one is me? Downwards into metal! A slight bump in the musical history and we add Judas Priest’s mighty SCREAMING FOR VENGEANCE, for those days when I’m feeling like a Viking warrior, or just want to annoy the neighbor downstairs. People who know me know I’m kind of weird so I guess my love for CHOCOLATE AND CHEESE by Ween doesn’t come as a huge surprise; lots of good melodies, quirky invention and weird, probably offensive, lyrics. But one doesn’t live on pop music alone unless one is a cretin! Therefore I fork over the heavy and deep goods of Claudio Arrau’s recording of CHOPIN’S NOCTURNES, BEETHOVEN’S 5th & 7th symphonies as conducted by Carlos Kleiber
and John Coltrane’s GIANT STEPS—a little jazz there for you, good for the soul and this particular CD will clean your mental palate. Lately, I’ve been dipping into the delicious old-time country blues which led to a great CD discovery a few years back: Mississippi John Hurt’s 1928 SESSIONS; haunting stuff, that. Truly. And now I end this thing with the god of lyricists: Bob Dylan, and my favorite album (today) is BLOOD ON THE TRACKS. I used to be one of those who didn’t get Bob, but once you get him, you really get him! Get it? Buy these and we could hang out on a desert island together! Wouldn’t that be fun? You bring the beer and I’ll bring the solar-powered CD player.

(David T. Wilbanks is the co-author of the DEAD EARTH horror-adventure series (with Mark Justice). The next novel is VENGEANCE ROAD and is scheduled for publication in 2010. Check out for further details.)