Thursday, September 3, 2009

Sites of Horror

Here at The Black Glove, if there's one thing we love it's the good old 70s. It was a time of some of the greatest modern horror ever made. But it was also the heyday of toy merchandising. Among other wonderful 70s memories, Plaid Stallions web site also has tons of 70s vintage catalogues of toys...and Halloween costumes, clothing, and just about anything else that was hip and cool back in the day. There's even a store where you can purchase that lost Stretch Armstrong or Six Million Dollar Man with see through circuitry. Man From Atlantis action figures, anyone? There's classic commercials from yesteryear, photos, and lots more to enjoy. Take a day to step back in time and keep on truckin'

Over at The B-Movie Film Vault, the Vaultmaster is unleashing some serious horror-fu on the world with funny, but insightful, reviews of some of the classics (and not so classics) of the genre. It's chock full of new and old, and even has it's own forum for discussion. Now in it's 9th year, it's ther place to go if you've got a hankerin' for some of the best and worst horror cinema has to offer.

--Nickolas Cook