Saturday, July 4, 2009

Cradle of Filth at Filth Fest 2009

Concert Review by Steven Duarte

Being an avid heavy metal fan I jumped at the chance to see Cradle of Filth play in nearby Tempe Az. The band was touring in support of their new album “Godspeed on the Devils Thunder.” Septic Flesh and Satyricon provided support on the tour. The venue while much smaller than I had pictured it to be was more than sufficient for the face melting riffs that I was to experience that night. The night started out with Septic Flesh who played songs primarily from their new album “Communion.” The title track Communion and Lovecraft’s Death were the two songs that really shined during their set. Next up were Norwegian metal heads Satyricon. While their set list consisted of songs mostly from their new album “The Age of Nero,” They included some of their classics such as Mother North and The Pentagram burns.
It was now time for Cradle of Filth to take the stage. Their stage setup consisted of a crucified skeleton and a large video screen located behind the band. There was much anticipation for the band to come out as their set list started with the instrumental track In Grandeur and Frankincense Devilment Stirr. Doug Bradley’s voice from this track echoed throughout the building making me feel as though I was about to face Pinhead and the Cenobites instead of the band. Once the band took stage they jumped right into Shat out of Hell. After the song ended Cradle front man Dani Filth let out a cry screaming out Gilded C___ as this was the next song that was to be played. One of the highlights of their set was their rendition of Nymphetamine (Fix). They had keyboard player Rosie Smith sing in place of Sara Jezebel Deva who was absent from the show. There were not many tracks played from the new album but the ones that were played gained much applause from the crowd including the track Honey and Sulfur. Other notable highlights of the nights were Cthulhu Dawn and Her Ghost in the Fog. They ended their set with a haunting rendition of From the Cradle to Enslave. As their set ended and the lights turned on we finished our beers and went on our own ways.

Full set list:
In Grandeur and Frankincense Devilment Stirr
Shat Out of Hell
Gilded Cunt
Dusk and Her Embrace
The 13th Caesar
Nymphetamine (Fix)
The Principle of Evil Made Flesh
Honey and Sulphur
Under Huntress Moon
Corpseflower (Medley)
Cthulhu Dawn
Cruelty Brought Thee Orchids
Her Ghost in the Fog
From the Cradle to Enslave
--Steven Duarte