Sunday, December 4, 2011

Sites of Horror

Welcome to the last Sites of Horror for 2011, and we have some great stuff to see the year off right.

Our first site of interest is WOPSPLOITATION , devoted to some of the greatest in 70s and 80s exploitation cinema. There's tons of great reviews and special pics for the discerning Horrorhead who wants to see what the rest of the world thinks of our historic contribution to the genre. But be warned: This is a site with many items which are considered "NOT SAFE FOR WORK", careful about what you click on, if you get my meaning. Otherwise, have a great time. This Horrorhead believes you'll love the Stephano's very own rating scale using his hilarious Wopsploitation Chips.

Our next site is LOVE HORROR UK and if you ever want to check out any horror movie made since the beginning of cinema, this is the site for you. Chock-ful of more horror reviews and pics than one Horrorhead could ever consume in one day, it will keep you busy perusing their hundreds of titles. Even I was able to find a few films I had never heard of on this site. And that is saying a lot. Also, since I'm a sucker for top ten lists, they gave me plenty to think about with so many lists to look over.

Our last site for the year of 2011 is one that I think any intelligent Horrorhead will find a promising one. Not because of the sheer number of reviews and articles it contains, but for its choice of what's covered. You'll find THE OCTOBER COUNTRY isn't your usual horror website. Not in the least. First off, they have an affinity for horror comics, which most horror sites don't usually make it a habit to cover that far underexposed medium in the genre--not counting us, of course, because we have Jason Shayer and his IT CAME FROM THE BACK ISSUE BIN section he handles every month, here, at THE BLACK GLOVE. Their articles and reviews are some of the most intelligent and literate takes I've ever read on horror film and books. So enjoy and remember to thank them for trying something new and different.

Until next year, Horrorheads, keep on surfing the web and looking for the best in horror the www has to offer. Happy New Year to all...

--Nickolas Cook

(If you have a site you'd like The Black Glove to feature in our Sites of Horror, email with your link and contact info.)