Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Horror Playlist: Welcome to the Dawning Darkness

(list compiled by staff writer Anthony Servante)

I write after midnight, dark to dawn. I have three TV screens on at once. On one, I put on repeats of old black and white movies/TV shows; on the other, I play Horror movies via the DVD player; on the third, I let assorted music videos play on random mode. Depending on my mood, I’ll let all three play on medium volume at once, but when I’m really into writing a review or a story, I’ll put the movies on mute and blast the music. To compile this list, I merely copied the last thirteen songs that played while I compiled this list. So, adjust your herb setting, sip that glass of vino, or lap up that latte and relax.

13. Rammstein—Keine Lust
from "Reise Reise" (2004) Republic.

12. Pavlov’s Dog—Of Once and Future Kings
from "Pampered Menial" (1974) Sony.

11. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club—Beat the Devil’s Tattoo
from "Beat the Devil’s Tattoo" (2010) Fragrant Records.

10. Plasmatics—Living Dead
from "Beyond the Valley of 1984" (1981) Plasmatic Label.

9. Kansas—Belexes
from "Kansas(self-titled)" (1974) Sbme Special Markets.

8. Ennio Morricone—Run, Man, Run
from "The Big Gundown Soundtrack" (1966) EMI.

7. Nico Vega—Beast
from "Nico Vega (self-titled)" (2009) Myspace Records.

6. Jem—Come on Closer
from "Finally Woken" (2004) Ato Records.

5. Rhapsody—Emerald Sword
from "Tales from the Emerald Sword Saga" (2004) Limb Music.

4. Fanny—Hey, Bulldog
from "First Time in a Long Time: The Reprise Recordings" (2002) Rhino/Warner Bros; original: (1972).

3. Blodwyn Pig—See My Way
from "Getting to This" (1969) Bgo—Beat Goes On.

2. Be Bop Deluxe—Maid in Heaven
from "Futurama" (1975) EMI.

1. Bryan Ferry—Sympathy for the Devil
from "These Foolish Things" (1973) Virgin Records US.

I hope that settled your nerves. We traveled all the way back to 1966 and managed to get home. Now that you’ve calmed yourself with some "musica diversa", you should explore the Horror articles throughout this issue from some very fine writers. See you soon with a new Horror Playlist from the Servante of Darkness himself.

--Anthony Servante