Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Sites of Horror

Well, we've got another month, and more Sites of Horror with which to to share with our fellow Horrorhead friends.

If you're a Stephen King Fan(atic), then this is one website you've got to check out. TALK STEPHEN KING has everything King related you could ever want to know. There's some interesting articles based on King's non-fiction works for magazines and reviews, also opinion about his various fictional forays. The webmaster definitely knows his/her stuff. Look for various videos and pics that you might not find on other King related sites, as well.

And speaking of one of topnotch talented authors, James Newman is one of the most underrated horror/thriller writers out there. So much so, that it sometimes strikes me as the worst injustice in the genre that he isn't more well known.

His official author website is SKINNY-DIPPING THE RIVER STYX  and with a name like that, you just KNOW you're gonna get some great down home Southern horror writer rants and raves

I've known James for almost seven years, and when I say the man can write circles around most people, including yours truly, trust me: it's true. But not only is he one of the most talented people I've had the honor to know in my life, he also happens to be one of the most genuinely nicest people I've ever known as well.

With his breakout thriller MIDNIGHT RAIN, from Leisure/Dorchester Publishing in 2004, he became for me, and most writers, an author to watch. And he only gets better with every new book and short story collection he releases. Stop by his site and see what's shakin'.

And the last Site of Horror we'd like to point our Horrorhead friends and fans towards is to the official website for one of the greatest living horror/dark fantasy writers in the world: Peter Crowther...and, yes, I know it sounds like bullshit hype when one author says such a thing about another author, but there's no hype here, just plain truth, coming from a reader and fellow scribe who knows quality when he reads it. In the U.S., he's probably best known for his cult classic TOR Books release ESCARDY GAP(1998) with writing partner, James Lovegrove, a hugely talented writer in his own right.
But not only is Crowther a talent to boggle the mind, he also happens to be the owner of one of the UK's most successful, literate small press companies: PS PUBLISHING , a publisher which has, in recent years, released some of the most highly regarded small press novels, novellas, single author story collections and anthologies to hit the bookshelves.

Check out his site and see what all the rage is about.  Discover for yourself why every horror reader and wannabe writer should have his name on their list of 'must-read' authors/editors/publishers.

Well, that;s it for this month.  So until next time, read more books, open your mind to new authors and genres, and keep the horror world alive and well, dear Horrorheads.

--Nickolas Cook

(As usual, if you know of a site which you think other horror fans should know about, drop me a line at Nickolasecook@aol.com, with the url(s) so that we can check them out as well.  Wh knows?  Your suggestion could soon become a Site of Horror.)