Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Coming Soon! Trailer e-issue #29 November 2011

As another year comes to a close, expect more great reviews on the new and the old in film, books, comics and games for the discriminating Horrorhead.

Our Top 13 will be a little celebration of the year 1978, the year one of our fave movies was released John Carpenter's HALLOWEEN. I think even some of our most knowledgable fans will be surprised which movies make the list.

Look for more Asian horror from the award winning Lisa Morton, more reviews on film and games from Brian Sammons, comic and graphic novel reviews from our very own Jason Shayer, horror poetry reviews from Karen Newman, and more from our newest staff writers, J.W. Schnarr and Anthony Servante. And, of course, I'll have some of my own reviews and articles to add to the issue.

So stop by and check us out at the end of the month.

Thanks to all of our growing army of Horrorheads who continue to support our ad free, no charge monthly blog/e-magazine devoted to all the best in modern and classic horror.

--Nickolas Cook