Sunday, September 4, 2011

Coming Soon! Trailer e-issue #28 October 2011

Next month is October, our favorite month here at THE BLACK GLOVE MAGAZINE.
First off, we're going to have a Top 50 Best Asian Horror Films of All Time, put together by none other than our very own Lisa Morton, our resident expert on the subject.
There'll be more classic book reviews from Bill Lindblad.
Another awesome Movie vs Book from Bill and Jen.
Speaking of Jen, look for more Movie Worth Googling.
Also, we're going to have plenty more Hi-Def Hoedown! reviews from our new co-editor, Brian M. Sammons.
More comic news and reviews from Jason Shayer.
Another great column from Bill Breedlove.
More new columns from our newest staffers, Jw Schnarr and Anthony Servante
And more film and book reviews to check out...
See you next month, and an early Happy Halloween to all our Horrorhead friends!