Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Fresh Blood: New Releases In the World of Horror

In Movie Theaters:

Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark
Release date: Aug 26, 2011

Starring: Guy Pearce, Katie Holmes, Bailee Madison, Jack Thompson

This film has generated much buzz in the horror community and with Guillermo Del Toro involvement in the production of the film, there good reason to be excited.

Apollo 18
Release date: Sept 2, 2011

Directed by Gonzalo López-Gallego

The found footage genre continues to strive with what can be considered a cross between Alien and the Blair Witch project. Originally this film was delayed till 2012 but then magically appeared on the schedule for this fall. Here’s hoping that was just a minor blip and that there was nothing majorly wrong with the final product.

Shark Night 3D
Release date: Sept 2, 2011

Starring: Sinqua Walls, Chris Carmack, Alyssa Diaz, Joel David Moore, Sara Paxton

The 3D horror genre continues to live on with Shark Night 3D. In what appears to be a cash in on Piranha 3D we take to the water with Sharks as the hunters. What really worries me is the PG-13 rating the film has. Not sure how effective man eating sharks will be when you cripple them with this rating.

--Steven M. Duarte