Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Coming Soon! Trailer e-issue #27 September 2011

In issue #27, expect even more great horror reviews for films, books, games, comics and the usual horror entertainment picks by our staff. We'll have some new staff members joining us to help make The Black Glove Magazine an even bigger and better source for all things horror.

Jason Shayer has promised us a report from some recent conventions he's attending this month, so expect some great pics and a sneak peek of his time with fellow fans.

Lisa Morton, award-winning author, will be back with another eagerly awaited installment in her THE EAST IS RED series.

Brian M. Sammons will be back with more Graphic Horrors and his Hi-Def Hoe Down film reviews, and lots more.

Bill Lindblad will be back with more classics from the horror fiction vault in his TIME CAPSULES, another battle between MOVIE VS. BOOK and another installment in his newest series, BLOODLINES.

The ever vivacious Jenny Orosel will be back to give us more MOVIES WORTH GOOGLING and she'll take her side on the MOVIE VS. BOOK.

We'll have another TOP 13 and more music reviews, and another great HORROR PLAYLIST (probably from me, again! HA!)

So come back here the end of next month and find us all waiting to bring you more of the best FREE monthly horror culture and entertainment on the web.

--Nickolas Cook