Monday, July 4, 2011

Sites of Horror

Welcome back to The Black Glove's "Sites of Horror", in which we try to let fellow Horrorheads know all about what's hot on the internet for true horror fans all over the world.

First up this month is something a little different. Looks like horror lovin' is finally making its move toward the biggest social site since MySpace, FACEBOOK. THE MONSTER CLUB is one of the hottest, fastest growing FB hookup, where Horrorheads go to meet. Check in on a regular basis for classic and new movie trailers, heck , even whole movies to watch; you'll also find cool horror things, like old time horror radio broadcast, podcasts from horror websites, and more.
Make sure to stop by and LIKE them, add your own posts for other Horrorheads to check out.

Next up, one of the best horror websites I've seen in a long time. HORRORPHILEcontains the kind of intellectual take on horror that you don't usually see outside of a Clive Barker or Stephen Jones essay on the subject. All of the reviews and articles I had the chance to check were well written, superbly thought out musings on every Horrorheads favorite subject. You'll also find some very cool lists and other activities for Horrorheads.

Now, a word of warning...most of the content isn't very WORK SAFE. Just so you know ahead of time before you go click-clicking away, most of the pics are particularly gory and/or full of sexually explicit materials. But this website is so well done, there's no way to be offended, because it's easy to tell by the written work that's coming from an intellectual place, and not some gorehound fanboy jerkoff session plastered on the internet for shits and giggles.

Besides, you're a horror fan, remember? This sort of stuff really shouldn't be too disturbing for you. Or maybe you're missing your bible club meeting or something.

And last, but certainly not least this month, we have a fairly new and unknown horror website which has been put together by one of the magazine's good friends in the horror industry, Reb Orrell the III's THE DEPRAVED BRAIN. This is an all-inclusive site for the discriminating Horrorhead; you'll find anything you could want: reviews for films and books, news on the world of horror, articles and essays on the subjects, and lots of other stuff to check out.

But new this month, Reb has also added a writers group to his messageb board area on the website. If you're interested in getting together with not only other horror fans, but fellow horror writers, on the HORROR WRITERS CRITIQUE GROUP as well, then stop by and join the fun.

Well, that's it for another month of "Sites of Horror". But be sure to stop by next issue and find out more places to spend your valuable Horrorhead time on the web.

(If you have a site you'd like The Black Glove to feature in our Sites of Horror, email with your link and contact info.)

--Nickolas Cook