Monday, July 4, 2011

The Horror Playlist: # 3 Drive-In Saturday Night...70s style (Nickolas Cook)

list compiled by Nickolas Cook

As mentioned in this month Top 13: Most Recognizable Modern Horror Film Themes (So Far...), I spent a lot of time going to drive-ins when I was a kid. Me and my family would hit one of half a dozen theaters within easy driving distance every single weekend. Going to see those horror films back then has always been some of my best memories. Mainly because of how much time it meant spending with my parents and my little brother. I didn't realize for many years to come how important those times would become to me as an older man.

These days, it doesn't take much to send me into a memory spiral back to those times. Which I think is a great thing, if sometimes a little melancholic. Some of things that will do so are smells--hot dogs on a cooker, cotton candy, frying corn dogs, popcorn...etc., etc--of course, re-watching those old flicks, and hearing a song which was on the radio back then, when we were driving to the drive-in to see those old horror flicks.

Below I compiled a list of 13 songs which never fail to throw me into The Way Back Machine of memories. I treasure those memories and love the sense of falling into them that these songs give me. No matter how silly and dated some of them might seem to others, they mean a lot to me. So I hope some of you at least enjoy them as much as I do. If not, have a laugh, but remember it was the 70s, okay?


13. Boz Scaggs- Low Down (1976)
Album: Silk Degrees

12. Led Zeppelin- Kashmir (1975)
Album: Physical Graffiti

11. Paul McCartney & Wings- Goodnight Tonight (1979)
Album: Goodnight Tonight (single)

10. George Harrison- All Those Years Ago (1981)
Album: Somewhere In England

9. War- Lowrider (1975)
Album: Why Can't We Be Friends?

8. Chic- Good Times (1979)
Album: Risqué

7. Earth, Wind and Fire w/The Emotions- Boogie Wonderland (1979)
Album: I Am

6. Gary Numan- Cars (1979)
Album: The Pleasure Principle

5. Jerry Reed- East Bound and Down (1977)
Album: Smokey and the Bandit Original Soundtrack

4. Sister Sledge- We Are Family (1979)
Album: We Are Family

3. Blondie- Heart of Glass (1979)
Album: Parallel Lines

2. Foreigner- Cold As Ice (1977)
Album: Foreigner

1. Fleetwood Mac- Rhiannon (1975)
Album: Fleetwood Mac

--Nickolas Cook