Saturday, September 4, 2010

Foreign Fears: Suicide Club (2001)

Suicide Club 2001
Not your standard J-Horror film involving pale faced black haired ghosts Suicide Club takes an extreme take on a sensitive subject for many. The film follows a detective’s mission to find out why a large group of high school students decide to kill themselves together by jumping in front of a speeding train. This is followed by a rash of other group suicides that seem to be connected to a mysterious website. The detective involved finds out that there is much more to this string of events than he could ever imagine. The film is original and has generous amounts of gore. The subject matter of the film is yet another testament of what non American filmmakers are willing to cover. Where American filmmakers won’t touch certain issues, J-horror is there for your fix. The film does take a rather strange route towards the end with a Japanese David Bowie like character who appears. Strange yes, but still very entertaining.

--Steven M. Duarte