Saturday, September 4, 2010

Coming Soon! Trailer e-issue #16 October 2010 Our 2nd Annual Halloween Issue

Join us next month for our 2nd Annual Halloween issue.
--We're going to have our big Top 50 List, this time we're going to give our horrorhead readers what we think are the top 50 horror novels, short story collections and multi-author anthologies in the genre.
--We'll also have tons more film reviews from our regular group of Black Glove staffers.
--Come check out our Fresh Blood for what's new in book and film news.
--Lisa Morton will be back with another THE EAST IS RED installment.
--Brian M. Sammons will return with his Hidden Horrors, Graphic Horrors and his all new and improved Hi-Def Horror Hoedown!
--Jason Shayer will give us more comic and graphic novel news and reviews.
--MyMiserys will ask another chosen one her 13 Questions...who will it be?
--We'll announce our Top 13 Lost Gems of Horror contest winner.
--There will be more Foreign Fears with Steven M. Duarte.
--More Stabbed in Stanzas with Karen Newman.
--Another Movies Worth Googling with Jenny Orosel, which means more strange and weird films that might have slipped under the horror radar.
--And Bill Lindblad will give us more forgotten gems in his always entertaining, educational TIME CAPSULES column.
--Want more? Come back October 20th for more book, film, game and comic reviews and news.