Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Horror Playlist: R.J. Cavender

My name is R.J. Cavender and I’m an editor for +Cutting Block Press+ and The Editorial Department. I work from a home office and I drink a lot of coffee. I spend most of my time hunched over a keyboard working with words. I’m happier than you might think.

But, sometimes I need a mental RESET button to help switch gears from one project to the next. So when Nickolas asked for a Top 10 list for The Black Glove, that’s exactly where my mind went.

A few are instrumentals -- the others have excessive obscenity and questionable artistic merit. Go figure. Totally Not Safe for Work!


1.) Pixies -- Where Is My Mind

‘Whooohooo. STOP—’ (The only song ever “played” on the planet Mars. It’s true.)

2.) SELF – Trunk Fulla Amps

If there is any other song that says the word ‘motherf*cker’ more than this one, I’ve yet to hear it. This song also treats the listener to said phrase done in the vocal styling(s) of Lenny Kravitz, Freddie Mercury, and Glenn Danzig. All with a Beck meets Dr. Seuss mash-up vibe. It’s brilliant.

3.) Lo Fidelity All Stars – Battleflag

Man, this song is just something else. It’s like electro-funk night at The Church of Satan. I have no freakin’ idea what any of it means, but it has a great beat and it’s easy to dance to. I give it a five.

4.) Dick Dale – Hava Nagila (1994 Version)

I’m a total Dickhead. Mr. Dale is a guitar legend and a great guy. This song shreds!

5.) Shooter Jennings and Hierophant– Fuck You (I’m Famous)

‘They all want a piece of the Shake-n-Bake.’

6.) Ethyl Meatplow – Queenie

Sometimes you just need a song with loud expletives, right? Wait for it--

7.) Ministry – Flashback

I defy you. Try to dance to this…in a Snuggie.

8.) Ratatat – Wildcat

Rawr! I can’t play pool at my local watering hole without giving this little tune a spin.

9.) Say Hi To Your Mom – Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh

‘She’s got lips like a sofa, and she’s strawing down a soda.’

10.) Holy Fuck – Lovely Allen

I saw these guys play live and they are pretty damned impressive. This song always makes me think of my favorite spot by the ocean. This will be on a soundtrack someday, for sure.

(The Black Glove thanks R.J. Cavender for his time and efforts.)