Monday, January 4, 2010

The Horror Playlist: Phillip Cook

As most of you know, I am a HUGE music fan, even been known to play a little now and then. And the first person to share my love for both listening and playing music was my little bro, this month’s pick for the Horror Playlist.
Below follows his picks and they’re some fine ones, indeed. If you don’t own these albums, get ‘em and soon. He knows what he’s talking about. He's definitely aimed me in the right direction with some albums and artists I might never have tried without his guidance. And for that I will always owe him my deepest gratitude.

Sanctuary/Refuge Denied

I remember buying this album on cassette when I was in my early teens. I thought I was actually buying someone else, a band I’d seen on Headbanger's Ball (when MTV was still remotely related to MUSIC TELEVISION). I still can't remember who I thought it was supposed to be, but when I got home and put the cassette in my player, I was like ‘who the fuck is this?’ But after the music started playing, and the guy started singing, I was like "WHOA" this is fucking raw. I’m glad I screwed up and stumbled upon this masterpiece. If you really like the older classic metal, and high range vocals of the likes of, say, Rob Halford of Judas Priest, or King Diamond, this is the one for you. Backed by illusive guitar and chest pounding drums this album will ALWAYS be around in my stack of most played albums.

Track 1
Battle Angels
An intense build up of ear piercing guitar and pulsating snare gear up for a powerful and musically demanding song.

Track 2
Termination Force
A song about government and the anarchy that follows with Martial Law. And the termination of those who oppose it. A glimpse into the future, my friends.

Track 3
Die For My Sins
I love the vocals on this one. This guy’s range amazes me even today.

Track 4
Soldiers of Steel
I could swear this guy must have been Geoff Tate's dad. He sounds like him in a few of the verses in this song. Also the drummer really pounds on the skins in this one.

Track 5
A defiant performance in this song. A song to build your self esteem for battle, I suppose.

Track 6
White Rabbit
A remake of the song by Jefferson Airplane. One word for this song: genius. They so easily turn this song into a metal classic.

Track 7
Ascension to Destiny
Another true metal classic. Power in every riff and every high pitched vocal makes this one of the true metal songs of its time.

Track 8
The Third War
A bit slower. Of course this song is talking about the end. The Apocalypse. How the third war will be the final blow to us all.

Track 9
Veil of Disguise
Oh, how the devil come in so many fashions and forms. And he explains all of this in this song.

This is really a great album for all of you older metal heads out there. You know who you are. I don't know why these guys never got more popular than they were, but this one of my favorite albums of ALL times.

Metallica/Master of Puppets

Okay so yeah, I have Metallica in my review. Lots of people have their own opinion about Metallica. Metallica USED to be one of my very favorite bands, and, yes, I'll admit their stardom didn't really grow on me like every one else. Lots have said that they sold out after they released the "Black" album and went to the more pop type sound. All because of one slow song. Well, I still happen to like Metallica today I just have more favorite songs off of their old material more than the new. Not because they so called "changed", but because it just appealed to me more. When I hear someone say Metallica, I think more "Kill ‘Em All”, “Ride The Lightning” or “Garage days: Revisited”…or my pick, “Master of Puppets".
Utterly the best Metallica album, ever. This album has power and aggression and so much musical talent from the four original guys from Los Angeles, CA., it can't be displaced by any other. But don't get me wrong, Metallica is still a great band, despite all the bullshit.

Track 1
Starting out with classical guitar, almost eerie sounding, and then just smashing into oblivion, this song truly shows how Metallica opened many doors for thrash metal artists.

Track 2
Master of Puppets
Each time I hear this song I can remember trying to learn how to play it on the drums when I played music. Very, very hard to get this one. Lots of offbeat drum work, guitar work and bass guitar. Lots of timing changes. Just an awesome song all the way through. Master!!Master!!

Track 3
The Thing That Should Not Be
Like a story being told, this song mesmerizes me each time I hear it. Almost in a sense of some mythical being rising from the sea, as James Hetfield growls out the lyrics. I also like the way Cliff Burton (bass guitar) puts his 2 cents worth in after each verse. Really bad ass song.

Track 4
Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
I saw Metallica in concert on the "And Justice For All" tour and when they played this song it really felt like the place was going to fall in. Kirk Hammett and James Hetfeild really know their instruments to be able to hold things together on playing a song like this live. One of my favorites from this album also.

Track 5
Disposable Heroes
8* minutes of pure fury from start to finish. My very favorite from the whole album. I think Lars Ulrich (drummer) has to use an oxygen machine while playing on stage due to such songs as this.

Track 6
Leper Messiah
Another favorite. This song pretty much tells you how some Evangelists, or whatever you want to call them, go around this great country of ours, preaching the word of God to some poor ass community, while trying to take every red cent they have for God, when really they are stopping at the local bar in the next town to drink it all up or buy some whore that they fancy. Or both.

Track 7
Indisputably, one of the best instrumentals rock music has ever had in its vocabulary.
Bassist Cliff Burton overwhelms the song with a stupendous bit of solo in the middle of the song. Of course Cliff is no longer with us due to an accident in Europe. Around dawn near Dörarp, Sweden, the bus driver lost control and skidded, which caused the bus to flip several times. Ulrich, Hammett, and Hetfield sustained no serious injuries; however, bassist Burton was pinned under the bus and was killed.
R.I.P Cliff.

Track 8
Damage Inc.
Truly a devastating song. I saw them do this one live also and it looked like people’s heads were going to dismember themselves from their bodies from head banging. Not me though. I just watched in amazement, thinking to myself, "how the fuck are they playing that and making it sound good?"

Truly this whole album still amazes me to this day. It will always have a place in my music library.

God Lives Underwater/Empty

This album has lingered around in my library for several years. As a matter of fact, I think since I first purchased the album in a music store called "Turtles" in Jax, Florida. A very whimsical sound, full of synthesizers and richly enhanced drums and guitar effects. The band was mainly influenced by the likes of Nine Inch Nails, Cabaret Voltaire, KMFDM, and Ministry. Their music is gloomy, aggressive, and yearning mood music

Track 1
A sort of panic song. You can't seem to make up your mind. Lyrically challenging the thought that maybe this guy has been stuck inside too long, dwelling on a lost love. Maybe he can't seem to get that lump out of his gut that we all have felt in our life sometime or another.

Track 2
All Wrong
Basically their biggest hit. I remember first hearing this on Planet Radio in Jax, Florida. They, of course, like many other stations burned my brains out on it. But, still, a great song nonetheless.

Track 3
Like the drums on this one and all of the somewhat ever changing effects.

Track 5
A song of pure pouring your heart out to someone. How expecting too much can leave you careless and "empty"

Track 6
Don't know How to Be
You might think Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails was singing or even wrote this song. A lot more back bone in this song. Sounds a bit more rock than some.

Track 7
No More Love
Well to be a bit honest I was still experimenting with the drugs when this song became popular. I happened to be playing in a band at the time and we were very influenced by this song. So we put this album on one night and decided to drop some acid. We were "peaking " when it began and I think we must have listened to it 20 or so times over and over again. So without a doubt some pretty irreversible memories come from this song.

Track 8
Another song we attempted to play as a band, but never really could quite get it down until one night when we played live in front of a beach bar full of people. I must say with bragging rights, we actually pulled it off. Great song, but even so...very boring to play on drums. HA!

Track 9
We Were Wrong
The title to this song tells pretty much what this song is about lyrically. Great rhythm and a drop down of plastering guitar riffs.

Track 10
My very favorite one from this album. I like the sort of gloomy feeling to it. It is almost like the guitar has air coming through it. Another solid effect that makes this whole album fantastic.

Track 11
A pandemonium blur of rhythms and off brand beats charmed with percussive vocals.

Track 12
Only guitar and singing a slight drum here and there. But overall a good song.

Ministry/In Case You Didn’t Feel Like Showing Up (live)

Ministry was formed in 1981 by front man and founder Al Jourgenson as a synth-pop outfit. They changed their style in the '80's to industrial metal. Not to put a stereotype on the music because TO ME it is ALL music no matter how it sounds. I feel like Ministry opened new doors for bands such as Gravity Kills, Stabbing Westward, God Lives Underwater and other bands with that appeal. At any rate, this album of only 6 songs has been in my library it seems like forever. I saw these guys on the second Lollapalooza tour ever in Orlando, Florida, during the night that Hurricane Andrew hit in Miami, Florida it was a total high for me personally. If you ever have a chance to see these guys perform it is well worth the cash.

Track 1
The Missing
Devastating blows to the drums and fierce riffs on the guitar makes this song jump right out at you.

Track 2
If you happen to be the type person that hears a heavy song and feels the urge to bang your head to the beat of a song, you might want to be careful with this one. You could probably end up with whiplash or your eyes may jiggle out of the sockets. The rapid fire beat is sustained for the whole song, leaving no room for breaks or silence. Excellent song.

Track 3
So What!
Offbeat and full of "telling the world off" lyrics. What can I say? Probably my favorite song from Ministry. And it just so happens this version also. A very mind blowing experience specifically live in person. I saw them do this version in Orlando and when they started it I was hoping they’d do it like on this album and, sure enough, they did. It was overwhelming to see all of those people throwing themselves across one another and off the stage. A very exciting time in my life.

Track 4
Burning Inside
Well long story short, this song is about being pissed off. And if you listen to it pissed off, you'll get even more pissed off. As a matter of fact, I am getting pissed off right fucking NOW!!!!

Track 5
Maybe I am wrong but this song is about our brainwashing government and fascist scum that are still allowed to make all of the decisions for us. The ones that WE vote for. Anarchy forever! Rock on Ministry.

Track 6
When people are around while I play this song they are often upset by the lyrics “fuck Jesus". But apparently they aren’t listening to the rest of the song cause it says "fuck you" also. Another angry song. Take it like you want. I love it myself.

Moby/GO: The best of Moby

My next choice is a bit off the wall from the rest, but to me a musical experience beyond belief. Moby was 9 years old when he began playing music. He writes his own music, despite a few collaborations here and there. I really enjoy his virtuoso of variety from blues sounds to a total ambient sound. A far step from any of my other choices, but I enjoy all types of music. It just so happens that most of it is a bit strange or way too aggressive for the normal human being.

Track 1
First Cool Hive
This song has a very sleek and sultry sound to it. Almost as if you were on a flight with no turbulence. A mystifying lady’s voice that calms the soul and reaches out to touch you in all your inner places.

Track 2
With a more upbeat tempo this one gives me the general feeling as if I were in a club having a good stiff drink, watching all the people dance. I myself don't dance…but if I did I would try my moves at this one.

Track 3
Into the Blue
An excellent song. It is what it is. You could have your own thoughts on this song, but for me, it makes me want to be on one of those big luxurious boats out on the midst of the oceans graceful beauty with the one that I love.

Track 4
Now I let It Go
This song actually has made me cry a few times. The sound of the violin gives me chills each time I hear it. Very sad. But at the same time very relaxing.

Track 5
Move (You make me feel so good)
The woman singing in this song makes me feel good just the way she sings. It may repeat over and over, but it sticks in my head like a wonderful dream.

Track 6
I Like to Score
Sort of reminds me of an old Jimi Hendrix album I had. I can't remember the name of it, but it was before the resurgence in his popularity came about. One of the songs was called "Go Go Shoes." The guitar work on the effects reminds me a lot of the songs that was on that album. A kind of 70s sound.

Track 7
Another more upbeat tempo on this one. Lots of synthesizer and orchestra-driven harmony.

Track 8
I don't think I could keep my fingers moving for that amount of time as Moby does on the piano on this one. To me it is amazing how he can actually make a song without any drums or singing and it still sticks in your head. I guess a song like that would be made to whistle.

Track 9
Feeling So Real this a drug induced song? I think so. Ha! I read that Moby does some experimenting in his biography. This one…well…let's just say he was "feeling so real."

Track 10
God Moving Over the Face of the Waters
I have to be careful when I listen to this song. It makes want burst out of my own skin.

Track 11
10 minutes and 47 seconds of ambience and bliss.

Track 12
Low keyed synthesizer with harmonics and chants to boot. Another ambient relaxing couple minutes of ear candy.

Track 13
The Rain Falls and the Sky Shudders
One of my very favorites. Another song that has no drums or rhythm but a decisive point of beautiful piano playing and a radiant sound of trickling rain that makes it pure serenity.

Track 14
When It's Cold I'd Like To Die
This is my favorite song ever by Moby. I have actually thought that maybe I should get this song played at my funeral. About the most I can say about it is it reminds me of being in my hometown where I grew up staring out over the waters.

Track 15
Another round of ambience and pure essence. The guitar work in this song shows how musically inclined Moby really is.

Track 16
This song is a reminder of how proud we should all be to see the sun rise every morning. That is how it sounds to me as if there should be a great big orange sun off in the distance slowly pulling its way up to the heavens.

Placebo/Without You I’m Nothing

Considered an alternative rock band, Placebo stands out with me as one of the best. Falling into a stream with bands like Radiohead, a fulfilling mix of heavy punkish and melodic sound rears its ugly head. Formed in London, England in 1994, they have gained a considerable amount of worldwide recognition. I've heard a couple of their albums, but "Without You I'm Nothing" is in the first pages of my CD case of favorites.

Track 1
Pure Morning
Hammering the snare and distorting the bass guitar pan this song out to be an alternative classic in our music world. Being one of their biggest hits it, holds a special place for me.

Track 2
Brick Shithouse
A very fast paced gallop of distortion and raunchy lyrics.

Track 3
You Don't Care About Us
A really rhythmic, sultry and truthful song in some peoples’ cases. I like the changes in the sound of the guitar, turning from subtle to a heavy distortion, and I most like the lyric where he says "Mental Masturbation". How original is that? HA!

Track 4
Ask For Answers
Smooth sounding song. A very lyrically enhanced song. Love this song.

Track 5
Without You I'm Nothing
Praise to your lover. Telling someone how you feel about them. A song about love and loss of love.

Track 6
Allergic (Thoughts of Mother Earth)
This song makes me think maybe the guy from Radiohead is playing the guitar. Not to stereotype, but the sound of the guitar reminds me of few Radiohead songs. I really like this song. Another lyrically enhancing song.

Track 7
The Crawl
I think this song is about the pressures of love. How you have to worry about losing the one you love. The stress of life and love. How everything could end at any moment.

Track 8
Every You Every Me
A more punk, alternative or whatever you want to call it. Nonetheless, a really cool song. I'll say again a lyrical song. Placebo definitely does not have any lyrical challenges. Very original.

Track 9
My Sweet Prince
My MOST definite favorite on this album. Very dark and whimsical. Heroin addiction. You could take this song however you want, but I believe it is about heroin addiction.

Track 10
Summer's Gone
A relaxing song about growing older and trying to make the right decisions.

Track 11
Scared of Girls
I like the offbeat drums on this one. A heaving guitar and bass rhythm pull off a glimmering glow of stammering energy crammed into 3 minutes.

Track 12
Burger Queen
I really don't know what in the hell he is singing about but I really like this song. I would say maybe my 2nd favorite off of this album. It runs on for a little over 6 minutes and then into a secret song on the CD. An instrumental that really shows the punk side of Placebo.

Mad Season/Above

Consisting of members Mike McCready (Pearl Jam), Layne Staley (Alice in Chains), John Baker Saunders (The Lamont Cranston Band), and Barrett Martin (The Screaming Trees), Mad Season has became an imperative part of my music library since their album "Above " was released on March 15,1995. Recorded in Bad Animals Studios, owned by Ann and Nancy Wilson of Heart, it took only 7 days for the music and just a few more days to lay down Staley's vocals, it is an ultimate classic in my book. Bearing powerful blues and mesmerizing guitar work, it hammers into the air. One of my very favorite albums of all times, "Above" sends chills down my spine each time I hear it.

Track 1
Wake Up
Very subtle and relaxing. Apparently the lyrics are speaking of drug abuse. Problems that a couple of the members had in this collaboration. A very genuine song. None other like it that I have ever heard. Layne really lets his own heart bleed out in this one. The change coordination really enhances its beauty.

Track 2
X-Ray Mind
Not just because of the vocals, but the sound of the music, someone would say, "Hey is that the new Alice in Chains?" I've had this happen.

Track 3
River of Deceit
A comforting song that reminds me of growing up at home. All of the childish things I did as a teen and the family troubles. Fights, alcohol, drugs and time to kill. Very much reminds me of my youth.

Track 4
I'm Above
A song about self preservation. Implicating that there are no worries and no problems stronger than what you hold in your pride's possession.

Track 5
Artificial Red
Very Bluesy. "Smoke poison consumed." Hmmm? I wonder what he’s talking about? HA! In the House of Ill Repute. I have actually been to a place in Jax, FL. called the House of Ill Repute. I saw some band that night that was just whack (I think it was Fishbone) but, anyway, very hard blues song.

Track 6
Lifeless Dead
I believe this song is referring to a love gone bad. It must have put the guy in a zombie like trance when this love went south. All because of the "he said/she said".

Track 7
I Don't Know Anything
Just play dumb. There is no peace in the world and never will be. Can't seem to figure it out. Lots of heavy guitar in this song. A very "sounds like Alice in Chains" song. Which is funny because in the movie "Singles" it shows a short clip of Alice In Chains playing a bit of this song.

Track 8
Long Gone Day
Soft bongos, light guitar, and a saxophone make for a very different and unique sounding song. One of my favs off this album.

Track 9
November Hotel
Another of my favs. You should sit back in a room with low lights and a bottle of Nyquil and let this song pull you under. Just joking. A very trance like beginning that leads into a powering drum break out on the cymbals and pulls on the tremolo of the guitar that writhe through each pour of your skin. Bringing this song into a 7 minute and 10 second journey into musicianship.

Track 10
All Alone
Very dark and depressing. I love it. My 3rd favorite.

A Dark Halo/Catalyst

Out of Phoenix, Arizona, A DARKHALO has become one of my most played CDs in the past few months. I had never even heard of these guys until just a few months ago. With bone crushing drum slams and eerie sounding synths, exploding vocals and guitar streaming throughout each song, you have to find a spot in collection for this powerful CD. It was released November 7, 2006 on Heavy Armor Records and has a really astounding production of sound. Candy for your ears.

Track 1
Burn it all
Synthesizers in heavy metal haven't been lost. The beginning of the song sends a chill of cold wind through your bones with hurricane force. The melody, and at the same time the growling screeches of the vocalist, burn through the air. You need to have good speakers with this song or you may be replacing them. I know I have several times.

Track 2
Beyond Recall
Just my opinion, but I think this song may be about drug abuse. Reasons being in the lyrics. The sound almost has a Fear Factory sound. Not to compare these guys to Fear Factory ,which I ever so like myself, but the sound reminds me let's just say.

Track 3
Dust and Ashes
I think the drummer may have to change out his splash and crash cymbals after each set of this song in a live performance. He just creams them with each beat. A very powerful song with plenty of guitar and bass work for any musician. Vocal effects in between every bridge gives it a definite potential for a classic in my book.

Track 4
Avery dark sounding song. I guess that’s what makes it my favorite from this album. I really like the slow and eeriness of the beginning pounding into a growl of vocals and as it goes on a story of regret pulse from the lyrics. It breaks into the middle of the song with a pour of effects from the guitar for a short time bringing it to one last chorus and a really quick end. That was my only disappointment is that it wasn't long enough.

Track 5
1:22 seconds of synthesized piano that is slightly depressing ,yet adds a bit more mystery of what's next.

Track 6
This song comes running like a pissed off bull out of the previous track "Formatting". It talks about evolution. Sheering off a blast of rumbling guitars and a galloping drum fill my ears with true delight. Lots of synthesizer in this song which gives it it's character.

Track 7
Apex Realized
Lots of heavy bass guitar in this. Another song that the synthesizer brings an ultimate character to fall into its grace. This song pours out a lot of thoughts that go through my mind each day. All of the scars of life can be healed if you just give it a listen. HA!

Track 8
This is my very favorite off this album. I have heard it somewhere before, but can't remember where. The first song I had ever heard from these guys. It is about strength and fighting for what you believe in. Whatever it may be.

White Zombie/La Sexorsisto: Devil Music Volume 1

White Zombie was founded by writer, vocalist, and graphic artist Rob Zombie in 1985.
They released 3 EPs between this time and 1987. That same year they released their first full length album, "SoulCrusher", while signed with Caroline records. A few labels and band members later they signed with Geffen records (after Rob Zombie pushed for it). Then, in 1992, they released La Sexorsisto: Devil Music Vol.1, the album which launched them into mainstream recognition. White Zombie began a two-and-a-half-year-long tour for the album soon after its release, during which time the band gained a large cult following. Rob Zombie is now on his own making movies and music, but La Sexorsisto (to me) will be a long standing favorite of mine. I feel it was his (and the band he had at the time) best work to date. A horror work all its own.

Track 1
Welcome to Planet Motherfucker/Psycoholic Slag

Sounding like the beginning of an old dusty record and exploding into a born to kill groove this song brings a whole new meaning to the word slam. Rob's gruff voice bends through the universe of this space trip into the galaxy. If you can hold your head still through this song than you must truly be a boring person. Mine is bobbling right now.

Track 2
Thunderkiss '65
I LIKE this song but, it seems like the radio stations in America think this is the only fucking song on this album. Great song but very burned out. I usually skip this song 90 % of the time now because of it.

Track 3
Black Sunshine
Great driving song. This song makes you want to get in your car and drive all night. Hence "Black Sunshine". Even if you have a 4 cylinder, as I do, it'll make you want to see just how far the gas pedal will get to the floor and drive to "the edge of nothing."

Track 4
I just like the way Rob says "Well, C'mon!" Ha! One of the songs that really stands out as more of the 90's metal sound. Each artist playing their instrument knows exactly when to change timing and make their instrument really do its job.

Track 5
Cosmic Monsters Inc.
"Meanwhile, behind the facade of this innocent looking book store"…Another song you have to move your head to. Another one of my very favs off this album. It is crazy how the lyrics actually make no sense, but it brings lots of thoughts to your imagination. Like"supersky", "a trick of light", and "west of the moon". Okay. Really a great song. I really like the drums on this one.

Track 6
Spiderbaby (yeah,yeah,yeah)
Rob Zombie really howls like a banshee on this one. A very good song for maybe a Halloween party…or a killing. Ha! It has a sort of spooky groove to it. Like maybe something's about to happen feeling.

Track 7
I am Legend
I think this song is about jealousy and how it can be a murderer. Meaning how people can lose their mind over their lover cheating on them. Seems like someone always gets hurt in the end…or dead. Rob wails out his lyrics as the band sheer off some powerful chords and severing drum licks.

Track 8
Another more heavy metal sounding song. Killer riffs and hellacious drum beats. I don't know what the guy says at the start of the song but it fits it just right. Another great song for driving. I guess just because of the lyrics. With clips from "Night of the living Dead" which gives it another great appeal.

Track 9
Grindhouse(A Go Go)
Great changes musically throughout the whole song.

Track 10
Awesome beginning with the drums. Rob really pours it out on this one. Flawless it drives out a heavy mix of grooves and sporadic changes out on the drumbeats. One of another of my favs from this one.

Track 11
What better way to end close to an hour of the zombie hell than this elusive grind of growling and grooving.

Iron Maiden/Somewhere In Time

Hard to believe that these troopers started out as a punk/heavy metal band back in 1975 and are still out touring today. These metal pioneers have released a total of 30 albums to date (14 studio, 7 live, 4 EPs and 4 compilations). I own several of their albums and love their sound. In 1980, after the guys dismissed the vocalist Paul Di'Anno for self destructive drug abuse, they auditioned Bruce Dickinson, previously of Samson. And thus forth plunged into major success with members Bruce Dickinson/vocals, Adrian Smith/guitars, Dave Murray/guitars, Steve Harris/bass guitar and drummer, Clive Burr. Clive Burr departed shortly after ‘The Number of The Beast’ album and in came Nicko McBrain from the French band Trust. Then, later, in came Janick Gers, adding even more guitar to their sound. Who can argue with 3 guitars ripping through the sound waves?
At any rate, 1986's Somewhere in Time album is my fav. I saw them on tour for this album in Jacksonville, FL. Truly an amazing concert. Probably the best I have seen. 114,000 watts of mind blowing explosions and energetic sounds crumbling the very air.

Track 1
Caught Somewhere In Time
7 minutes and 24 seconds of melodic guitars and encrypting vocals. After I hear this CD, if I am going to work or wherever, I keep humming or singing the chorus to myself. If I am not mistaken, I think this song is talking about taking risks and how sometimes the consequences of your choices may come up to bite you in the ass.

Track 2
Wasted Years
This song reminds me of back in the days when I played music myself with a few of my friends. I like the beginning with the fretting of Adrian and the power chords of Dave with the bass and drums slowly creeping in behind to make a destructive entrance when Bruce sings "From the coast of gold, across the seven seas." Very much a powerful song. It actually hits down to my soul with this song because I feel I have "Wasted Years" because I should have stuck to my music playing and tried a bit harder to stay out of trouble as a teen. But, hey, we all have regrets, some wasted years.

Track 3
Sea of Madness
Well, let's see, I feel like this song is referring to "the sea" as the world and "the madness" is how crazy the world has gotten. All of the lunacy of technology and the selfishness of the people of the world. I think that even in the mid 80's Bruce and the guys could see into the future and it wasn't going to get any better for the world.

Track 4
Heaven Can Wait
Short, but sweet, this song is about dying and not wanting to.

Track 5
The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner
Well it really explains itself. Maybe a guy is running a decathlon race or something and is trying to keep his strength. Maybe ,for sure it is about not giving up and being one with yourself. A very instrumentally talented song in between bridges and chorus. Another very melodic sound.

Track 6
Stranger in a Strange Land
Definitely, without a doubt, my very favorite song from this album. Almost a beautiful sound in my ears. This song reminds me of myself as younger man, looking out over the beach in Fernandina Beach, my hometown, and seeing the boats heading out in the distance going to sea. And the sound of the light wind in the summer and the stars twinkling every ounce of light into the sky. The faint sound of a low tide pushing barely a wave onto the shore, while I just sit there and stare. Hmmm…Maybe I am weird (hopefully) but that is how it makes me feel.

Track 7
Deja Vu
I believe all of us have had them. I KNOW I have. A very strange feeling, indeed. Each time I have one I hum this song "Feel like I have been here before, DE JA VU!" A very cool and upbeat song. It pretty much is self explanatory.

Track 8
Alexander the Great
He was a king of Macedon who created one of the largest empires in ancient history. And this song tells the whole story of his life and eventual assassination. Almost in the same sense as Powerslave's "Rime Of The Ancient Mariner". A song about a classical/metaphorical/historical figure put to a pulsing drumbeat and story telling guitar leads and writhing lyrics. Great song.

--Phillip Cook

(The Black Glove wishes to thank Phillip Cook for his time and efforts. It was a great list, little bro! Keep on finding the treasures and we’ll keep on sharing them, man)