Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Sites of Horror

Welcome to a new year, and, boy, do we have some exciting new sites for you Horrorheads to check out in 2011.

First up,in case you missed them on a recent Ghost Adventures episode (L.A.'s Pico House lockdown), take a look at some of the most exciting ghost hunters in the business right now, The Hollywood Ghost Hunters . Founded by none other than the likes of Jason Vorhees himself, Kane Hodder, Rick McCallum, a world famous stunt man/actor, and R.A. Mihailoff, the man who played Leatherface. These fear makers in many horror films for the last few decades have also taken on the paranormal world. And these guys are serious as hell. They are aggressive ghost hunters, who mean to beat the hell out of the ghosts, if that's what it takes. Stop by and drop them a line.

Dark Writers: Horror writers group forum If you're a horror writer looking for a new place to hangout and have conversation with like-minded people, stop by and register, meet some good people and discuss what you love most: horror.

One of my favorite authors has her own blog, on which she discusses the craft of writing, the ups and downs, and gives some great advice to other writers. Kathy Koja has written some of the most edgy, frightening fiction of the 90s, including such horror classics as The Cipher (1991), Bad Brains (1992), Skin (1993), Strange Angels (1994) and Kink (1996), she has since turned her vast talents towards Young Adult fiction, and is still creating some of her most memorable writing to date.

--Nickolas Cook