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New Ghost Adventures Season 2 Updates (check back here for new episode updates every week)

The good folks at The Travel Channel have sent us more new episode updates...

Episode Description:
Bonnie Springs Ranch in Blue Diamond, Nevada was built in the 1960s. The ranch was built on top of a trail that was a stop-over for travelers heading to the west coast in the 1800s. Traveling the old spanish trail was an extremely dangerous task. Numerous travelers died from attacks, sickness, and exposure to the elements.

The travelers went through a lot of mental, physical, and emotional pain which could explain the odd occurrences that frequently happen at Bonnie Springs today. Recent visitors and investigators have reported hearing voices, odd feelings, and one woman even left with large scratches down her back.

One man has worked around the ranch for 30 years. He claims he once saw the merry-go-round on the play ground spinning on it's own. As he approached the playground to get a better look, the merry-go-round came to a sudden dead stop. This experience and many more have convinced him that there is a strong spiritual force at the Bonnie Springs Ranch.

Episode Description:
This Friday Zak, Nick, and Aaron return to a place that is notorious among Ghost Adventures fans. Goldfield, Nevada is where Zak and Nick carried out one of their very first investigations. The Goldfield Hotel is where they caught the infamous clip of a flying brick. Since that day, Zak and Nick always wanted to return to the location of their very first ghost adventure.

However, the Goldfield Hotel is not all about warm memories. There are former workers who are terrified to enter the premises. During the pre-lockdown investigation, a former custodian admits to Nick that she was recently attacked in her home by a spirit who she believes had followed her from the hotel. She also believes the attack was a warning for Zak, Nick, and Aaron.

The building has more than it's share of dark history. The hotel's owner, George Wingfeild, was one of the most powerful men in Nevada during the gold rush. He is famous for operating a mining company in Goldfield, but he is also known for his crimes. Wingfeild kept a young prostitute named Elizabeth hostage in the hotel while she was pregnant with his child. Shortly after giving birth, both Elizabeth and her child were found dead. Many people still believe Elizabeth and her baby were murdered by George Wingfield.

Though the Ghost Adventures crew are very excited to return to Goldfield, they are also worried, because the spirits have had six years to plan for their return. This is definitely an episode you don't want to miss.

Episode Description:

In Seattle in the early 1900s death was a good business. Mining accidents, disease, and murder made it very profitable to run a morgue. E.R. Butterworth opened Seattle's first morgue in the midst of an outbreak of a deadly disease. At the time, there were so many deaths the City of Seattle payed citizens for each body that was brought to the morgue. Since the payment was about half a year's salary for many, it became an incentive for murder.

Today, Kell's Irish Pub occupies what used to be the morgue. The unrested souls that passed through the walls continue to have an effect on the building today. Figures walk the halls, glasses move on their own, and voices echo throughout the building.

Every year there seems to be a build-up of paranormal activity as we move closer to the anniversary of Seattle's spanish influenza outbreak in 1918. Due to the number of deaths it was mandatory for everyone to wear surgical masks in public. Thousands of bodies passed through the mortuary as a result of disease, accidents, and foul play, but E.R. Butterworth didn't care if the bodies were there as a result of murder. Zak, Nick, and Aaron believe the souls of those who died for unjust reasons remain trapped in Kell's Irish Pub.

Episode Description:

In Villisca, Iowa there is small house with a very dark past. Eight people, including six children, were hacked to death with an ax in one of this town's modest homes. It has been over one hundred years since this horrific event, but a cloud of dark history continues to hang over the home. The murder was never solved, meaning the victims families were never brought justice for the terrible crime.

The Ghost Adventures crew know there are plenty of secrets left to be discovered inside the home and it is their intention to find new evidence from the case. There are numerous stories from local paranormal investigators who claim that attacks are still being carried out by a dark entity inside the house. One investigator recalls feeling like he had been "hit by a baseball bat" in the head.

One of the saddest stories came from two sisters who grew up in the Villisca Ax Murder House. When they moved into the home they did not know about it's dark past, but they quickly learned that strange things happen to those who enter. Today, the sisters could not stand to be inside the house long enough to complete an interview for the show without breaking down emotionally. It is going to be an interesting investigation.

Episode Description:

On Friday, the Ghost Adventures crew is under siege at Fort Eerie. August 5th, 1814 was one of the bloodiest days in Canadian history. Over four thousand people died as british troops attacked American forces inside the Old Fort Eerie. The fear and rage from the battle still haunt the grounds of this historic battlefield.

The paranormal evidence from Fort Eerie is some of the best the guys have ever experienced. While using the groundskeeper as a trigger object, a mysterious shadow figure appears in the shadow cast by the night vision infrared. Though the groundskeeper had no way of seeing the figure in the pitch dark, he felt the presence at the exact moment the figure appeared.

Although the fort is quiet and peaceful today, it was once a pit of death and destruction. The fort stands as a testament to the men who fought and died there, and their experiences have left a permanent mark.

Episode Description:

Death Valley, California is one of the most barren locations in the United States. The Amargosa Opera House is located in the middle of the valley, in a very tiny town. The huge structure sits on a 280 acre defunct borax mining complex. There have been countless accidents, suicides and deaths on the grounds of what is now a hotel.

Guests struggle to stay a complete night at the hotel thanks to what is not just a paranormal presence, but a paranormal infestation. The employees strongly believe there are a number of guests who "never checked out." One of the main reasons the Ghost Adventures crew made the decision to come the opera house, is the un-rennovated section named, "spooky hollow."

Within "spooky hollow" there are several individual spirits with distinct personalities. One of these spirits is known as "boss man," and he likes to pick on men. Specifically, "boss man" likes to pick on big, macho men. The Amargosa Opera House should be the exact type of location Zak, Nick, and Aaron like to investigate.

Episode Description:

Fort Chaffee is located in Fort Smith, Arkansas. The giant military complex has been home to German POWs, Cuban refugees, and has seen hundreds of deaths during it's long history. For 40 years, soldiers trained for combat within the fort's boundaries. However nobody could have been prepared for the huge influx of Cuban refugees.

Cuba opened its doors for their un-wanted citizens to leave in the 1980s. Thousands of mental patients and criminals from Cuba became permanent residents of Fort Chaffee. There were constant fights and stabbings on the grounds of what became a prison for refugees. The prisoners even threw a full scale riot in response to the conditions at the camp.

The huge complex has been home to a few famous and infamous individuals. Both John Lennon's murderer, and Elvis Presley once called this place home. With over 30,000 acres and a lot of history at the complex, the guys definitely have their work cut out for them.

Episode Description:

The latest Ghost Adventures episode leaves the guys to investigate in their home town, Las Vegas, where fortunes are won and lost. Las Vegas is known as a place to have fun, but the city also has a dark side. In a historical neighborhood which has been home to the mafia, there are countless stories about dark events.

There is an excessively aggressive entity within La Palazza, one of the stately mansions in this neighborhood. The spirit is said to physically attack visitors, and is even blamed for a fire at the estate. Former owners of house were constantly frightened by voices, growls, and attacks.

A former owner of the house tells Zak about one incredible incident. While entertaining some guests a glass was knocked from his wine rack. The owner started taunting the spirit until moments later he was being choked by an unseen force. Guests at the house recall seeing two deep imprints on his neck. The ghosts here don't like to be taunted, which makes it the exact type of location the GA guys get excited to investigate.

Episode Description:

The USS Hornet is called a floating coffin. It was one of the most decorated aircraft carriers in World War II , and it saw numerous battles. The USS Hornet and her crew were responsible for taking down over 1,000 aircraft and sinking 76 ships. War was an awful place, and the Hornet had the unfortunate honor of the highest suicide rate of any ship in the Navy.

Although the ship is now resting peacefully in San Francisco, many people believe the spirits of the crew are still fighting the war. The sick bay is home to countless claims of paranormal happenings. One visitor plays an EVP of someone screaming, "GET OUT!"

Between the pain of war, the cramped quarters, and the length of time these men spent at sea, there is plenty reason for their spirits and energy to linger on the ship. One of the best examples of evidence the boys catch is the voice of a man yelling, "RUN," like he was under attack on the ship.

--Nickolas Cook

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